5 Ways to Style Your Wedding Bands

March 27, 2019 Team Tacori


Ever wondered how to style your wedding rings to get a unique look?

We’re sharing five modern wedding ring pairings we love—from complementary metal colors to unique shapes – all with totally timeless wedding bands from Tacori that you’re sure to love. 


Double Up
1 / 5


Top Ring:
Sculpted Crescent
$1,360.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD

Engagement Ring: 
Simply Tacori
$3,490.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD
Not including center diamond

Bottom Ring
Sculpted Crescent
STYLE 2649-15BPK
$1,980.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD

Although a single wedding band is the norm, opting for multiple wedding bands can result in a truly exceptional and personalized stack. Whether you find it difficult to choose just one wedding band or desire to incorporate a cherished family heirloom, combining and layering multiple bands can give your ring stack a distinctive and meaningful appearance. This approach allows you to mix and match various metals, gemstones, and designs to create a unique look that perfectly reflects your personality and love story. So, if you want to break from tradition and create a one-of-a-kind ring stack, consider adding multiple wedding bands to your collection.


Striking Symmetry
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Twins for the Win

Wedding Ring:
Petite Crescent

Engagement Ring:
Not including center diamond


Achieve balance and symmetry in your ring stack by layering two identical wedding bands alongside your engagement ring. This technique, often referred to as twin stacking, not only creates the appearance of a thicker band but also accentuates your engagement ring beautifully. By placing two identical rings on either side of your engagement ring, they create a harmonious and cohesive look that complements your overall style.


Interesting Shapes
3 / 5

Interesting Shapes

Engagement RIng:
Simply Tacori
$2,590.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD
Not including center diamond

Wedding Ring:
Sculpted Crescent
$2,050.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD


One of our favorite ways to stand out from the crowd with a truly unique ring stack is by banding together rings of interesting diamond cuts. Choosing rings that feature pear-, marquise-, and oval-shaped diamonds are less traditional, especially when turned on their sides for a spin on the classic elongated look.


Mixed Metals
4 / 5

Mixed Metals

Top and Bottom Bands:
Sculpted Crescent
STYLE 200-2Y

Engagement Ring:
Sculpted Crescent
STYLE 200-2RD65
Not including center diamond


Mixing metals is far from a faux pas, and complementary designs that mix metals are a great option for a creative engagement and wedding ring pairing. Just make sure to pick different colors of the same material—like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold—because non-alike metals will scratch when stacked together. The beauty of this approach lies in the versatility, as the combination of various metals harmonizes with your other day-to-day jewelry effortlessly. 


Coordinated Cuts
5 / 5

Coordinated Cuts

Engagement Ring:
Simply Tacori
Not including center diamond

Anniversary Band
STYLE HT264065
$14,000.00 USD IN PLATINUM


If you have a classic taste but still want something with a sublte twist, consider choosing a unique diamond cut. Once you select the cut of the center stone (like this stunning emerald shape) for your engagement ring, use the same one for the diamonds around your wedding band. This polished look is an elegant and timeless combination. 

Side Note: Does a wedding band go on the top?

In Western cultures, the traditional placement of wedding bands is on the bottom of the ring finger, closer to the heart. This is typically the left hand ring finger, but in some cultures, such as in some European countries, the right hand is used instead.

It's important to note that there is no strict rule about where to place a wedding band. Some people may choose to wear it on top of their engagement ring or on a different finger altogether. Ultimately, it's a personal preference and what feels comfortable for the wearer.

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