The Tacori Promise Bracelet


Months in the making, the Tacori Promise bracelet is the result of the design collaboration between Tacori and Fashion Blogger and YouTube celebrity, Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook.

An embodiment of our vision of true love and the promise made between two individuals or to oneself, the bracelet is meant to be uniquely significant to each person, allowing a diversity of responses and stories to be attached to it.

Made of intertwining silver and gold, the Promise bracelet represents two unique individuals uniting through a Promise. The bracelet is clean and slick with a mirror finish, for a timeless design that transcends seasonal fashion trends and time. Three gold overlays in the Promise bracelet provides a bridge for each of the three silver openings and signifies the three pillars of a relationship: love, support, and mutual respect – the aspects of a relationship which lead to security and affirmation in a loving promise.

Unlike traditional bracelets, the Promise bracelets must be unlocked with a Tacori key, to symbolize the Promise that is made – either from one individual to another, or as a Promise to oneself. Once the Promise bracelet is fastened, only the key holder can unlock the Promise.

A delicate connection chain on the Promise bracelet links both parts of the bracelet and symbolizes that the bracelet is always connected.

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