Love Is Essential Spotlight: Crescent Crown Earrings




What’s more essential than a Mother’s Love?  Showing love for Mom! And Tacori’s signature Crescent Crown earring studs make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day (or any day!). 

Here, we’re sharing a few of the stories from our “Love Is Essential” campaign, proving that while there are endless ways to express love, love is always essential. 

Parvinder’s Story
I entered the Love is Essential giveaway hoping to win a beautiful pair of earrings for the super woman in my life, and that is my Mom.


Angela’s Story
I entered Love is Essential because I wanted to win this incredible gift for my mom. She's done so much for me over the years and I've never been able to gift her something so amazing. She just came home from being in a nursing/ rehab home for the last 13 months and I can't think of a better way to welcome her back and show her my appreciation. I'm so happy to have won this for her!

I will wrap up the earrings and send them to my mom with flowers for Mother's Day. My mom is VERY camera shy, but I included a fun semi-recent photo of us.


Nooshin’s Story
I entered the contest because I have been a long time Tacori lover and as a teacher, I have been super supported at home by my husband. I couldn’t have done it without his love! As I have been home navigating the world of distance learning, my husband has been there to support our own children and prepping all our meals! We have been an amazing quaranTEAM!!!

Tacori has been a part of my love story from the start! I fell in love with Tacori engagement rings 12 years ago when my (then) fiancé and I were ring shopping. After the birth of my son, my husband took me ring shopping again for a push gift and I chose a gorgeous rose gold piece. Our 10-year-anniversary just passed and my husband surprised me with a Tacori right hand ring!! Tacori has been there for important events in my life, bringing me sparkles of joy! For these reasons I will proudly be wearing my new earrings!


Julia’s Story
I know love is essential and I love your theme and style. I had a good feeling and happy to follow. My niece also loves your style. I am going to wear the earrings and show them off! This is such a wonderful surprise. Mother's day just around the corner!

I fell in love with your style 10 years ago when I saw you add in a magazine. I needed an email address and a magazine fell on the floor and there you were - your design is so unique and awesome.


Irina’s Story
I have always been a big fan of Tacori jewelry and would love to share this love with my daughter. Amethyst is her birthday stone and the earrings will be a great gift for her.

Mary’s Story
I am giving the earrings to my mom. I’m a single, disabled Mom of a beautiful, 17-year-old daughter graduating high school this year. My mom is my best friend, and caregiver. We are always there for each other and can overcome any obstacle thrown our way


Cindy’s Story
My story, I suffer low and upper chronic pain, I have difficulties doing daily activities, my sister helps all the time, drives me anywhere without question asked, I am beyond grateful to have her in my life. My family has also been great supporters. I enter this contest for her and hoping that I win, would love the earrings for her. I truly appreciate the love I been surrounded in this difficult time. Thank you for choosing me, I am very grateful.


Hayle’s Story
I have always loved Tacori jewelry. I think it is so unique and beautiful! My birthstone happens to be blue topaz, so I plan to keep these earrings for myself to wear.



Amy’s Story
I entered Love is Essential because I love Tacori! I look at the Tacori website weekly & love everything! I will keep the earrings for myself primarily-but I’ll share them with my daughter. She is a high school senior & she (like everyone else) has had her plans for prom & graduation disrupted. She loves Tacori, too! She has a ring from the same collection as the earrings that she has worn daily for years! It’s very special to her! I’m sharing with her because I know she will “borrow” them regardless:)

I have been married for over 20 years to my husband, Chris. He is a Lt Col (nurse practitioner) in the Air Force & we have two daughters. My husband is a front- line health care worker and we are very proud of him! He is currently working at a military base in another state & because of the stay at home restrictions from our state & the no movement order from the military we haven’t been able to see him since mid-March. He missed my daughter’s 18th birthday this month so we are looking forward to a return to “normal” one day soon!


Cameryn’s Story
This is me (the left) and my mom (Jamy) on the right. I decided to enter the giveaway because I know she absolutely loves Tacori jewelry. With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, I decided I would give them to her. A couple years ago she got a pair of earrings for her anniversary and wears them all the time. She is a nurse so with Covid-19 it’s been really hard and I thought this pair of earrings would be a nice gift for her.


At Tacori, we believe in the power of love. And it’s our great honor to create Handcrafted in California designs  that become the  tangible symbols of your love.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @TacoriOfficial for the latest news, campaigns and more. And tag us in your stories @TacoriOfficial or use the hashtags: #LoveIsEssential #LoveTacori.  Stay safe, be well, and know that you are loved! 



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