Love is Essential Spotlight: Nicole & Family


There is nothing more beautiful than love. Nothing more powerful than love. Nothing more essential than love.

Here, we’re sharing the story of Nicole  from our “Love Is Essential” campaign, and how love is essential as a guiding force to navigate your way forward. 

Sharing a bit of our winner, Nicole’s truly Tacori love story.

Nicole’s Story:
I love Tacori for their beautiful craftsmanship plus the contest name struck a chord with me.  Love has always been essential in my husband and I's life.

We met in 2007 and dated on and off during our younger years. We always loved each other but the timing was never right!

In 2013 we decided to give it our all and let out love prevail. My husband proposed in 2015 (with a Tacori ring!) and we were married in front of friends and family on July 16, 2016.

We have enjoyed our life together ever since by spending time with family, traveling, buying our first condo, and then buying our first home! Our love has conquered many ups and downs!

On September 18, 2019, we welcomed our son Hudson into the world! Our love for him was beyond anything we could have dreamed and the love between us grew that much stronger. In March we experienced the pandemic and were on lockdown here in New York.

This was a challenge for our little family as we enjoyed exploring our surroundings and the company of our families. This time also brought on added anxiety for me after recently battling with Postpartum Anxiety.

Our love for each other helped us through this time and I am forever grateful for my husband's love and support. My husband and I were offered the opportunities to work from home in which we are grateful for.

Unfortunately, we were challenged to socially distance from those we loved for almost two months. This was hard for us as we really enjoy spending time with our families. Love became even more essential during this frightening time.

The positive began to surpass the negative for us as we realized we got to spend more time as a family than we normally would. This time allowed us to witness our son’s first Easter, first time clapping his hands, the first time he lifted into the crawling position, his first word (Dada of course!) and the first time he waved hello! We celebrated his first Easter, my first Mother's Day and our son turning 7 months and then 8 months. 

Love was essential to help us get through this challenging time! 

I will wear my ring proudly! I can't wait to show it off to friends and family. I also can't wait to enjoy the fine detail that goes with it.”

Please join us in wishing Nicole and her family love and joy.

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