Love Is Essential Spotlight: Sandy & Danny


The power of connection is so important, now more than ever. We are honored to create one-of-a-kind, timeless symbols that celebrate love for generations to come. And now, you have a chance to win some Tacori and truly be a part of the Tacori family.

Here, we’re sharing the story of Sandy and Danny  from our “Love Is Essential” campaign, proving that while there are endless ways to express love, love is always essential. 

Sandy & Danny’s Story:
I entered Love is Essential because I realize during this time, love and care are needed more than ever.  It  is so important to virtually connect with your loved ones to let them know they are not alone!
I truly love this theme of "Love is Essential," because love never gets outdated. It will always get you through the toughest of time.

I can finally say, “I'm a #TacoriGir!l” after so many years of being obsessed with all the beautiful Tacori pieces.

Here’s my Tacori Story: I met my best friend in 2008 and at that time we were both dating someone else. It took us a while to notice the person we were meant to be with, was always standing right before our eyes.

A year after we broke up with our exes, we finally took a leap of faith and dated. At first, we were nervous because we didn't want to ruin a great friendship if things didn't work out, but this turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made yet.

Flash forward to 8 years later, we tied the knot this past September. He was always my number one cheerleader, one I can always rely on. When I am with him, I can always be my complete crazy self; a side that not many get to see. It was always him and I'd choose him again and again.”

Thank you Sandy & Danny for sharing your “Love Is Essential” story!

At Tacori, we believe in the power of love. And it’s our great honor to create Handcrafted in California designs  that become the  tangible symbols of your love.

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