Love Is Essential, Winner Spotlight: Liz & Luke



Staying at home together has many people realizing that Love Is Essential! And we love celebrating love-always! For each week we are on the California state mandated lockdown, we are going to giveaway something amazing to share the love and bring some sparkle and shine into your lives!

This past week, our winner, Liz won wedding bands from our Coastal Crescent collection.

Liz and Luke’s Story
We've been together for 8 years now. We've been together through our first little apartment and entry-level jobs, school and living long distance from one another. He is in the military and I'm a paramedic, and although we're having a lot of fun being isolated together after almost TWO years apart serving our respective careers, we're looking forward to putting this prize to use once this is all over to practice formalities 😋.

These are such beautiful pieces and we can't wait to wear them for years to come!

We truly love celebrating love and being part of your legacy of love. And now, you have a chance to win some Tacori shine every week during the state mandated lockdown. Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @TacoriOfficial and tag us in your stories with the hashtag: #LoveIsEssential. And be sure to watch our stories for our sweepstakes announcements each week. To enter our giveaway and for official rules and details, click here. You can be next! Stay safe and healthy.



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