Stackable Rings & Wedding Bands


Let's get Stacked! That’s the challenge we set for three of our Tacori Stylists, as part of our weekly styling sessions. 

Each Tacori Stylist selected their prettiest power stack of stackable rings and wedding bands, and described what they love best about the designs they chose. Then, we asked our Instagram and Facebook community to vote on which one they loved the best.

Meet the Stylists, and see the stackable style they created. And be sure to read all the way to the bottom to reveal the winner of the popular vote.  See if you agree, or if you had another favorite! And see more Stacking Stories and ways to style your wedding bands. 

Meet the Stylists: 

Francesca, Director of Sales Operations selected style numbers: 200-2C, HT2655EC and HT2545. “This stack gives a lot of dimensions and fun to make my classic Emerald cut stand out even more.” Love Francesca’s style? Click here to see all of the pieces, styled by Francesca.

Styled by Francesca

Sculpted Crescent
$2,090.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD
$10,790.00 USD IN PLATINUM

Not including center diamond 

Petite Crescent

Jessica, Director, Merchandising + Design Development selected style numbers: HT2558, HT2642, HT2545. “My stack is diamond intense 😊. The top band represents daughter #2, coming soon, middle band represents hubby, our 5th anniversary is coming up, and the bottom band represents daughter #1.”  Love Jessica’s style? Click here to see all of the pieces, styled by Jessica.

Styled by Jessica

Petite Crescent
$5,290.00 USD IN 18KT WHITE GOLD
$10,990.00 USD IN PLATINUM
Petite Crescent

Rebecca, Merchandising, selected style numbers: 2616, HT2512, 2616. “This stack is simple, sensible and styling. Making a bold and beautiful statement with a touch of class.” Love Rebecca’s style? Click here to see all of the pieces, styled by Rebeccca.

Styled by Rebecca

Classic Crescent
$4,390.00 USD 
$44,920.00 USD
Classic Crescent
$4,390.00 USD


Many thanks to those of you who voted. The prettiest stackable rings were chosen by Jessica, with her hand-selected bands chosen to represent every member in her family.  Leave a comment if you agree, or if you had another favorite. Or, leave a comment to let us know what Styling Challenge we should ask our expert Tacori Stylists to style next! xo

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