Styled By Ani


Ani ||  Customer Excellence Dept.

Her Style:  She is an Apparel Design and Merchandising major with a passion for fashion. She’s always believed that it’s not only about the design of the product but also about the presentation. You always want to make everything in life memorable and working at Tacori allows me to design and merchandise beautiful handcrafted designs for our consumers. 

In a recent styling challenge to find the prettiest Petite Crescent rings, Brianna chose her favorite Petite Crescent Ring.  Here’s what she loved, and why:

Styled by Ani

Petite Crescent
$4,990.00 USD IN 18KT WHITE GOLD

Not including center diamond

Ani, Customer Excellence, selected style no. HT2572OV because “the foundation is thin and has diamonds going ¾ around. The bloom around the center diamond truly has a va-va-voom look!”

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In another Ruby Rings styling challenge, Ani says “The type of rings you wear and the way you wear them is an expression of your style. Ruby is the perfect symbol of powerful feelings. Stacking up rubies with gold bands makes any girl have powerful feelings about the world!”

Petite Crescent
Sculpted Crescent
$7,690.00 USD IN 18KT ROSE GOLD


In our new Inflori collection styling challenge, Ani says “I’m a huge advocate to mixing metals when it comes to jewelry. Love this duo-tone ring from the Inflori collection- the rosy tone of the rose gold band and the white gold bloom and center really makes the center diamond pop even more. When it comes to diamonds, the bigger, the better.”

$4,590.00 USD IN 18KT WHITE GOLD

Not including center diamond

In Spring Break styling challenge, Ani chose simple, classic, and elegant pieces she can wear on the daily. Her go-to jewelry are hoops, a small pendant, and a necklace chain to complete her everyday minimal chic outfit.

ani 2

Never Basic Hoops
$475.00 USD
It Figaros Necklace
$250.00 USD
The Essential 10k Gold Chain
$150.00 USD
Cross Charm
$70.00 USD

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Have questions or looking for more options?  Leave a comment and let us know! Xo


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