Which Crescent Fabric is Right for you?

May 6, 2024 Team Tacori

Seven TACORI Crescent Fabrics


The ring part of an engagement ring is a space to add meaningful details that give a ring a unique and inimitable character. But when looking down on the captivating sparkle from beneath the bright lights of the jewelry counter, it’s all too common for a shopper to forget about this opportunity to add the personal touches that make a ring truly special. 

At TACORI, we believe that when you look at a ring from every angle, the ring setting should leave more details to discover. TACORI Crescent Fabrics do just that by accentuating the inner face of every ring with our dimensional design motif. 

Whether etched in metal, set in pavé diamonds, or formed from negative space to create windows of light, each of our seven Crescent fabric variations are united by the timeless and unmistakable Crescent shape that imbues the setting of every TACORI engagement ring and wedding band with hidden details.

Crescent Fabrics Make Personalization Easier

And here’s some good news for the overwhelmed engagement ring shopper: Crescent Fabrics can make it easier to select a ring that’s reflective of your style and personality. Ranging from intricate and diamond-intense, to clean and contemporary, the style of Crescent Fabric is a starting point for designing a ring that’s just right for you.

So which Crescent Fabric should you choose? In this article, we'll walk you through the details that make each Crescent Fabric special. We'll explore what sets them apart, helping you pick a style that turns your engagement ring and wedding band into a daily source of joy and admiration. 

Classic Crescent Fabric



Ring setting style: Elegant and timeless

The Classic Crescent started it all, and was born of a spirit of inventiveness. When TACORI founder Haig Tacorian commissioned artisan Garo Karounian to create a ring with a hidden symbol of love, Garo artfully inverted the top half of a heart and etched it into the inner face of a ring. The shape was disguised as a side-by-side pattern of Crescents.

The Crescents are as structural as they are beautiful. The negative space in between each allows light to shine through and interact with the round-brilliant diamonds that are set into each arch shape. 

Good to know:

Every Classic Crescent ring features pavé on the ceiling. Add that to the round-brilliant diamonds on the inner face silhouette, and this is the right ring for someone who loves the classic elegance of diamonds. 



Dantela Crescent Fabric


Ring setting style: Intricate, lace-like, and alluring

The Dantela Crescent Fabric features diamond studded half moon tracery, edged with hand hewn milgrain for an airy and heirloom-caliber motif. Taking inspiration from the Romanian word for ‘lace’, it completely embodies its namesake; the Dantela Crescent Fabric is intricate, complex, and alluring. To achieve such a delicate and alluring design, TACORI artisans use precise milgrain detailing and compact pavé diamond setting. It’s a remarkable display of skill and craftsmanship. 

Behind the Design:

The original Dantela collection, designed by Haig Tacorian, featured the intricate Dantela Crescent just beneath the crown. But sixteen years later, TACORI Head of Design Nadine Tacorian reinvented the piece by translating the lace-like details to the inner face silhouette. The Dantela Crescent fabric is a feat of engineering, because the complexity of the negative space and open tracery wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago. But as Haig Tacorian says, “everything has to be reinvented.” And with that, the Dantela Collection has come full circle. 

Founder’s Crescent


Ring Setting Style: Modern and minimalist

When Haig Tacorian set out to design this fabric, he wanted to show how a subtle detail can make a profound impact. He reimagined his original Signature Crescent as a glittering diamond-studded ellipse formed by pavé-set diamonds on the resting point. While the original Signature Crescent appears on other Crescent Fabrics, only the Founder’s Crescent features the reinvented version.

Characterized by clean lines and elegant simplicity, this fabric holds a modern allure. 

Petite Crescent


Ring setting style: Intricate and diamond intense 

In the realm of Crescent Fabrics, the Petite Crescent is the superior showcase of diamond intensity. On the inner face silhouette, round-brilliant diamonds are set into TACORI Crescents. But the unmatched radiance comes from the French Pavé set diamonds on the ceiling, a technique which uses less metal to create a diamond-forward effect. French Pavé diamonds are visible from the profile, allowing more light play with the exposed diamond facets. 




Ring setting style: Modern, sophisticated, and elegant

When Nadine Tacorian, TACORI head of design, became engaged, she quite naturally wanted to design her own ring. Her goal in doing so was to pay homage to her family’s legacy by incorporating the Crescent, while also showcasing her individuality. By adding Crescents just beneath the crown and leaving the majority of the foundation with a clean, high-polish finish, the ring created a focal point around the center stone. 

At first glance, it appears as a classic solitaire. But the hidden Crescents and hidden bloom just beneath the crown add intricacies and unexpected beauty. Simply TACORI rings are defined by their dainty and modern foundations with a touch of meticulous detail. 

Sculpted Crescent


Ring setting style: Versatile and sophisticated

The Sculpted Crescent fabric displays the TACORI Crescent in its most minimalist form - a clean arc shape achieved through a gently recessed area that creates a striking tone-on-tone texture. In its seemingly effortless simplicity, the Sculpted Crescent is an inventive play on light and shadow. 

The versatile design of the Sculpted Crescent fabric leaves room for personal touches. Hand-beaded details add texture to the minimalist silhouette, while its clean foundation complements any ceiling - from high-polish to pavé - beautifully. 



Ring setting style: Romantic

Our newest Crescent fabric is utterly romantic. With half-moon windows of light that glow across the inner face phases, the Lunetta Crescent reimagines the iconic Classic Crescent with an element of moonlit romance. The Crescents are reversed and formed from negative space, creating windows of light that exude a soft luminosity with a touch of texture, courtesy of the hand-beading and pinpoint diamonds. 

As a distinctive, hidden detail, Crescent Fabrics transform every ring into a celebration of the beauty found in unexpected places, and in turn, serves as a reminder to revel in all of life’s beautiful details. 

When Nadine became engaged in the early 2000s,

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