The Story Behind Simply TACORI

June 1, 2023 Team Tacori

Simply TACORI minimalist engagement ring, designed by Nadine Tacorian

With the creation of Simply TACORI, Nadine Tacorian ushered in a new era of TACORI Crescent design. Get the full story behind the iconic Simply TACORI Collection. 


Growing up in the jewelry business, Nadine's penchant for design was influenced by her upbringing. But her confident and self-assured sense of style? That was all her own. She'd observed many design trends come and go over the years, but her affinity for sleek and uncomplicated styles was steadfast.

When Nadine got engaged in the early 2000s, TACORI's rings were renowned for intricate and diamond-filled styles. Meaningful details were infused into every angle. These were diamond-intense rings, replete with pavé diamond ceilings and diamond-studded Crescent fabric tracing the majority of the inner faces.  But the ring that Nadine envisioned for herself was subtle, and approached TACORI's intricate details from a totally unprecedented and contemporary angle. Her personal taste showed the Crescent in new perspective. 

Balancing Tradition & Transformation

Nadine set out to design a ring that would pay homage to her family's legacy, while showcasing her individuality. In the engagement ring that she designed for herself, the majority of the foundation maintained a high-polish finish, but TACORI Crescents and a hidden bloom just beneath the crown gave the piece a strong focal point. A Signature Crescent at the resting point added balance to the design.

Nadine Tacorian with her Simply TACORI diamond engagement ring

At first glance, the ring appeared to be a simple solitaire. But those secret Crescents beneath and a hidden bloom beneath the crown added hidden details that delivered unexpected beauty, often just when she needed it most.

"Picture this: I'm stuck in the dreaded LA traffic, my hand idly resting on the steering wheel, when suddenly, the sunlight catches my hidden bloom. It's like a little reminder that fills me with gratitude for all that I have."

Minimalist engagement ring with hidden details



The First Simply TACORI Engagement Ring

Originally crafted for herself, Nadine's ring soon captivated the hearts of other women who longed for that same touch of thoughtful simplicity. Nadine's ring became the Simply TACORI fabric. Since then, Nadine has continued to create designs that balance family ties with independence, and elegance with simplicity.Simply TACORI Engagement Ring with hidden details


Hidden Bloom Engagement Ring
Diamond-studded Crescents and diamond-studded prongs add sparkling hidden details to a clean, modern foundation. 
STYLE 2687


New Simply TACORI Styles

Nearly two decades later, Nadine continues to evolve Simply TACORI with new styles that maintain the essence of the original, but which are born of new sources of inspiration. The latest styles translate the delicate beading of a bodice and the graceful draping of a wedding gown to the foundation, with cascading Crescents and hand-hewn milgrain. The styles capture the joyful anticipation of a wedding day and the unexpected details for which TACORI is known.2-Jul-17-2023-05-10-30-9966-PM



Drape Solitaire Engagement Ring
A Simply TACORI foundation with a Classic 360 Crown. Featuring drape-like Crescents concentrated just beneath the diamond center stone, and a Signature Crescent on the resting point. 
STYLE 2682



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