Wedding Bands: Unique Matching Rings

December 2, 2021 Team Tacori

His and Hers Wedding Bands: Unique Matching Rings for Men and Women

Wedding bands are ultimately a emblem of your commitment to one another, so many couples opt to pick out their wedding bands together. Although the two wedding bands don't have to match - and they rarely do - you can coordinate subtle design elements to mark the partnership between the two rings or go for full matching rings if that's your jam.

Celebrate the love that unites you by curating a complementary Tacori wedding band pairing. Mix and match metals, finishes, diamond cuts, and details for a ring duo that's the perfect partnership. Take a look at five of our favorite wedding band duos for some inspiration before you create your own unique couple's wedding band. 

Matching Rings

Diamond Details

Come together with complementing decorative, diamond details to dance and sparkle together.





 Pure Wedding Bands For Couples

Celebrate your love in the purest of metals, mixing and matching platinum hi-shine effects with diamond-intense details. 




Matched Metals

Select a signature precious metal, then riff off it with banded effects for a look that’s unique and oh-so unified. 


Mixed Finishes

Brushed or hammered metal, or both, keep it simple but striking in complementing or identical mixed finish bands.


Complementary Cuts

United by an eternity of diamonds, yet distinct with your own diamond shape pairing. 



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