Hidden Engagement Ring Details

February 6, 2021 Team Tacori

The TACORI difference is truly in the details. Each Tacori engagement ring and wedding band is individually handcrafted by master artisans in our California Design Studios. To differentiate from the rest and add the exclusive TACORI touch, our artisans weave unexpected and hidden details into the very fabric of every ring design.

Hidden details on your engagement ring can encompass a range of different effects, from hidden blooms of diamonds to our TACORI crescent fabrics which adorn the inner face of your ring. 

Why Choose a Hidden Detailed Engagement Ring?

If your style is more minimal or you’re looking for an engagement ring that presents as a simple and striking solitaire for example, then choosing a hidden detailed engagement ring offers plenty of options while maintaining that clean, contemporary top silhouette. 

For boosting diamond intensity from the side profile, an engagement ring that features a hidden halo—or what we call a hidden bloom, is the way to go. Nestled just under the center stone, a delicate circling of diamonds adds radiance and all-angles shine, enhancing your center stone diamond

And, if you’re looking to add a little more texture and flair to the side profile of your engagement ring, our TACORI crescent fabrics offer all this and more. Choose between seven individual fabrics each with their own level of detailing, diamond intensity, and metalwork.

You can also add tiny diamonds to the prongs of your engagement ring, or even inscribe hidden messages to the inner band. Get all the details and discover even more hidden detailed engagement ring options here…


Crescent Fabrics

At TACORI, we carry 7 crescent variations for you to choose from. Each variation is unique with their own defining details, yet tied together with the signature TACORI crescent fabric on the inner-face of each ring. From subtle to more ornate, each fabric has its own personality and detailing, but each is based on a simple crescent shape infused with a tiny diamond and milgrain detailing. Visible from the side profile, at the more minimal end of the fabrics are Simply Tacori and Founder’s crescents which are high-polish, precious metal directional with minimal crescent and diamond detailing. On the more ornate side of our fabrics are Classic Crescent and Petite Crescent which are diamond-intense, full texture fabrics, featuring crescents, diamonds, and metalwork to create a more ornate effect.  



Hidden Bloom

Whether diamonds or colored stones, adding a hidden halo or bloom of diamonds just under the crown of your engagement ring helps to boost that 360 light-play from your center stone and the bloom of smaller diamonds. Subtle shine with the intimate layer of diamonds a hidden bloom enhances the side profile of your engagement ring, adding just the right amount of lifted luminosity without looking too ornate or overpowering the overall silhouette of your engagement ring.





Added Diamonds

If you’re looking to boost the radiance of your center stone and add even more light play, then choosing an engagement ring with tiny diamonds set into the prongs of your ring is a stellar option. Adding a dusting of tiny diamonds in the prongs of your ring gives a subtle shine effect and creates more diamond coverage across the top and side views of your ring.


Subtle Signature


All great works of art bear the artist’s signature. At TACORI our engagement rings come signed with love with our TACORI Signature Crescent at the resting point of the ring. A crescent design infused with diamond and milgrain detailing, it’s a unique detail that’s for your eye.UnexpectedDetails_BlogImage-3


Love Notes

Did you know that each TACORI engagement ring and wedding band can feature hidden messages too? Add meaningful dates or initials on the inside band of your ring to create something that’s truly unique and all you. When working with your retail partner to order your ring, ask them about inscription services.



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