10 Best-of-the-Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

November 15, 2019 Team Tacori


classic engagement ring style that’s timeless and elegant? The solitaire.

For years, solitaire engagement rings have been a favorite for traditional brides, and TACORI has modernized and personalized this popular engagement ring setting trend so that a solitaire can shine with unique, unexpected, and stunning details.

Whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional bride, we have options for you. Keep reading for more unique solitaire engagement ring ideas.


What is a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire ring is a type of jewelry, specifically a type of ring, that features a single, usually prominent gemstone set on a band. The term "solitaire" comes from the French word for "alone" or "isolated," which aptly describes the design of this ring.

The most common gemstone used in a solitaire ring is a diamond, but it can also feature other precious gemstones like sapphire, emerald, or ruby. The gemstone is typically set in a way that maximizes its visibility and allows light to pass through, showcasing its brilliance and sparkle.

Solitaire rings are popular choices for engagement rings, where the single gemstone represents the unity and uniqueness of a romantic relationship. The simplicity and elegance of a solitaire design often allows the focus to be on the beauty and quality of the featured gemstone.

The Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

In this list, we'll delve into the exquisite craftsmanship that brings forth the best solitaire diamond rings, showcasing how the setting becomes the perfect stage for the brilliance and beauty of the center stone. Each setting is a testament to the mastery of jewelry design, offering a range of styles that resonate with every discerning taste

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring


This solitaire engagement ring is truly stunning, with a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic. Its sleek, minimalist band allows the brilliance of the oval cut diamond to take center stage, capturing the essence of modern elegance. The Founder's Collection is a testament to precision craftsmanship, marrying the purity of form with the brilliance of gemstones. The Signature Crescent detail, adorned with delicate, pavé-set diamonds, provides a touch of distinctive artistry, uplifting this ring to a true masterpiece of contemporary design.

As a beautiful hidden detail, meticulous bloom beneath the center stone imparts an extra layer of enchantment, known only to the wearer. This engagement ring embodies a refined taste for those who appreciate the seamless fusion of modernity and timeless allure.


Cushion Solitaire Engagement Ring

This stunning solitaire is elegantly complemented by pear-shaped side stones, expertly set in an East-West orientation. This unique arrangement creates a dynamic and eye-catching visual effect, ensuring that every angle showcases the brilliance and beauty of this extraordinary ring.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ring boasts a timeless Classic 360 foundation. The center stone appears to effortlessly float above a hidden bloom, adding an ethereal quality to its overall presentation. This design allows for maximum light exposure, ensuring that the diamonds radiate with unparalleled sparkle and fire.


Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring

Round solitaire engagement ring

Founder's Collection RoyalT

A this contemporary solitaire engagement ring features a hidden bloom, also known as a hidden halo, just beneath the center stone. While solitaire diamonds are often set into minimalist bands, the hidden bloom adds a unique touch. The Founder's Signature Crescent on the resting point of the ring imbues the setting with a subtle touch of pavé set diamonds.

Why are round-brilliant center stones so popular?

Round brilliant diamonds are beloved for their unmatched sparkle and timeless appeal. Their optimal proportions maximize brilliance and fire, making them appear larger for their carat weight. This classic cut's versatility, availability, and ability to hide flaws contribute to its enduring popularity, while its iconic symbolism and preference among celebrities solidify its status as a cherished choice for engagement rings.


Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simply Tacori engagement ring solitaire


Any ring in the Simply TACORI collection strikes a beautiful balance between contemporary lines and those heirloom-quality intricate details. In this striking solitaire, pavé on the ceiling and Crescent detailing concentrated around the crown add nuanced detail, but the minimalist inner face silhouette is marked only by a single Signature Crescent on the resting point. This solitaire is based on the engagement ring designed by Nadine Tacorian for her own union. 

Read the story behind the Simply TACORI collection here.

Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring



The distinctively vintage look of the emerald cut diamond is complemented by this Simply TACORI ring setting, which is inspired by the draping of a bodice and and gown and which exudes the joyful and ethereal details of a wedding day. The emerald cut showcases a diamond's clarity and natural beauty, as it emphasizes long lines and step-cut facets, providing a unique visual appeal. The platinum band highlights the clarity of your center diamond. 


Lace-Like Solitaire Engagement Ring

Lace like intricate solitaire engagement ring


The Dantela fabric makes for of the most intricate solitaire engagement ring settings. The half-moon, v-shaped tracery on the inner face silhouette creates a lace-like and structurally phenomenal ring. This metalwork gives character to a single center stone, and diamond studding and a ceiling of pavé-set diamonds on the ceiling creates an all-angle sparkle. This solitaire is for those who appreciate meticulous and innovative craftsmanship. 


Diamond-Intense Solitaire Engagement Ring

Intricate and diamond studded solitaire engagement ring

Petite Crescent

This Petite Crescent engagement ring is incredibly diamond-intense, with diamonds on the inner face silhouette and windows of light that interplay with the accent stones to create a luminous setting. More diamond detailing on the prongs of the Cathedral Foundation adds sparkle leading all the way up to the diamond solitaire. 

How many diamonds should an engagement ring have?

Typically, an engagement ring has a single diamond center stone, but there may be more accent diamonds on the ring's foundation, on the crown, or surrounding the center diamond. Pavé is a common diamond accent, where the glittering stones are closely set along the band, creating a continuous brilliance. These accent diamonds can also be incorporated in various parts of the ring, such as on the prongs or in decorative elements. This design choice adds an extra layer of glamour and intricacy to the overall look, allowing for a personalized touch to complement the main diamond or gemstone. Ultimately, the inclusion of accent diamonds, whether in a pavé setting or elsewhere, allows for a unique and customized expression of style in an engagement ring.

Cushion Bloom Solitaire Engagement Ring

Cushion cut halo engagement ring

STYLE 269117CU75

In this diamond solitaire engagement ring, a cushion bloom transforms the round brilliant diamond into something entirely unique. The accent diamonds make the center stone appear larger and more brilliant, and makes the crown of this ring emit a stunning brilliance. Click here to view the inner face silhouette, which is edged with hand-hewn milgrain, adding intricacies and dimensional details. 


Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

round bloom engagement ring

Classic Crescent

 The solitaire is often considered to be the most classic engagement ring. In this design, the TACORI Classic Crescent fabric creates a timeless but dazzling inner face silhouette, adding an extra touch of sophistication. The ring's open galley not only allows you to view the entire center diamond but also ensures maximum light exposure, further enhancing the diamond's brilliance. This solitaire ring manages to highlight the center stone in a way that is both understated and striking, emphasizing the significance of the commitment it represents. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to beautifully showcase the beauty of the diamond, while adding beautiful details. 


Round Bloom Engagement Ring

Round halo engagement ring


This is one of our most popular engagement rings, and for a good reason. A delicate bloom cradles the exquisite round brilliant cut diamond, poised on an airy, open-gallery Cathedral Foundation. The celestial touch of pave diamonds and the diamond-studded Simply TACORI crescent gracing the ceiling creates a mesmerizing dance of light. As a true hallmark, a Signature Crescent adorns the ring, proudly marking it as a genuine TACORI masterpiece. This ring marries elegance with artistry, ensuring it's cherished for a lifetime and beyond. 


If you've decided to go for a solitaire engagement ring, and you've found the best solitaire setting for you, the next step is to choose the diamond. Check out this guide on how to choose your diamond, based on the 4 C's



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