Design Detail Spotlight: The Hidden Bloom

August 2, 2021 Team Tacori

The TACORI difference is truly in the details. From our internationally recognized crescent fabrics and one-of-a-kind crown details on engagement rings, we are a true innovator in the design and creation of your heirloom piece that celebrates your love for years to come. That's why we're excited to share details about one of our favorite delicate design features on some of our engagement rings: the Hidden Bloom—also known as a hidden halo engagement ring. 

What Is a Hidden Bloom or Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

Some call it a hidden halo engagement ring, we call it the hidden bloom. The TACORI hidden bloom features a delicate circling of diamonds nestled below the center diamond, just under the crown, and which is only visible from the side. This unique engagement ring design detail enhances the center diamond with added luminosity and light play, without impacting the overall silhouette or appearance of your engagement ring

More subtle than a traditional bloom or halo engagement ring where the diamonds encircle the center stone, a hidden bloom or hidden halo engagement ring gives just the right amount of supporting sparkle to the center stone without distracting from it. And, while a hidden halo or bloom won’t make the center stone appear larger like a traditional bloom would, it does add an exquisite element of artistry to your engagement ring for an all-angles shine, boosting the side profile of your ring.

The hidden halo is made up of tiny round brilliant diamonds that lift the luminosity of the center diamond and bring their own flair and fire to the ring. Hidden blooms work for any center stone diamond shape, so you can find your favorite diamond cut and then add in a hidden bloom.

Sitting a little higher on the finger, hidden bloom engagement rings allow for easy stacking of your wedding band and anniversary bands. Adding a uniqueness and depth to your engagement ring that’s hard to beat, hidden blooms are the way to go if you’re looking to retain minimalist vibes up top but still want that multi-dimensional shine from the side. 

Represent the many layers of your love with a splash of secret sparkle on the inner face of your ring with a few of our favorite hidden bloom engagement rings below.


The 5 Best Hidden Halo Engagement Rings 

The eye-catching brilliance created by the hidden bloom gives each of these engagement rings a distinctively sparkling impact, but each hidden halo is influenced by the style of the foundation. Before the center stone is placed, the tiny halo diamonds are meticulously hand-set by master TACORI artisans, who know how to design the hidden halo in harmony with the the nuances of each setting.


Solitaire Hidden Bloom Engagement Ring -Founder's Ring RoyalT 

This exceptionally beautiful solitaire engagement ring, designed by our founder, Haig Tacorian. A stunning four-prong round solitaire engagement ring with a diamond-intense Tacori crescent signature and a hidden bloom of diamonds under the crown. 







French Pavé with Hidden Halo - Simply TACORI

Strong solitaire look with a thin band that delivers brilliant detail, this Truly T varietal of Simply TACORI features a 360 foundation with French pavé-set diamonds on the band. Look for the secret diamond inscribed, “T” detail on the setting of the ring, and the secret sparkle of diamonds beneath the crown. 




Hidden bloom engagement ring

Princess Cut With Hidden Halo - Simply TACORI 

Delicate details and a dainty Cathedral foundation. This Simply Tacori solitaire ring features an effortlessly modern, high-polish ceiling and a hidden bloom of diamonds under the princess-cut center





Simply TACORI RoyalT - Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring

Simplicity and elegance unite in this 4-prong classic, solitaire ring with a pavé-set diamond band and a hidden bloom of diamonds beneath the oval-cut center stone.  






Four Prong Solitaire with Hidden Halo - Classic Crescent 

This 4-prong solitaire ring is anything, but basic. Diamonds taper from the larger base towards the thinner center and feature a dusting of pavé-set diamonds to a slender Cathedral silhouette. And the hidden bloom of diamonds beneath the round-brilliant cut center stone is for your eyes only. 






Cathedral Foundation with Hidden Halo - Petite Crescent

This Petite Crescent, cathedral design, features a slender silhouette. The diamonds on the ceiling tastefully taper from the resting point of the ring towards the emerald-cut center, and the hidden bloom of diamonds beneath the crown adds a secret sparkle for your eyes only. 








Which hidden bloom engagement ring is your favorite? Explore all of our Hidden Bloom wedding rings here.



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