A Guide To Couple's Matching Wedding Ring Sets

February 2, 2024 Team Tacori

Two holding hands wearing couple's matching wedding bands

Marriage might require a bit of compromise, but when it comes to choosing the symbols of lifelong commitment - your wedding bands - compromise shouldn’t be the guiding principle. And that’s because today, the concept of matching wedding bands has transcended the idea of identical rings. Wedding bands can match in spirit, but celebrate each person’s unique flair.

Beyond Exact Replicas: A New Era of Matching Wedding Bands for Couples


Your wedding ring does not have to match your partner’s exactly. Today’s couples often look for a balance - rings that represent their individual personalities while also symbolizing the sides of themselves that they share. With this approach, couples who select two bands will share a design element, which could be anything from the ring’s finish, to a gemstone, or the inner face fabric.

In this guide, we’ll share some ideas for matching your wedding bands wile also embracing individuality in unity: for creating matching band sets that celebrate who you are as individuals, and who you are as a couple. 

Embracing Individuality in Unity: Modern Matching Wedding Bands

Crafting unified couples band sets was the driving force behind our gender-neutral TACORI Couples collection. Available in a variety of metals and finishes, adorned with brilliant stones and distinctive details, these bands share a common design language. Designed to stand out individually yet complement each other seamlessly, much like your relationship, they hold their own charm apart, but shine even brighter together.

Crafting Your Unique Wedding Band Match: Exploring Options

Metal Harmony

Matching metals is one of the most straightforward ways to unify your wedding bands. Most couples opt for the classic yellow gold, but the neutral colors of white gold and platinum are common alternatives. These colors set a wonderful canvas for adding unique design details. Meanwhile, rose gold, with its warm, blush tones, breaks traditional gender norms to serve as a captivating and contemporary option for the wedding bands of any wearer. Its unique hue provides a modern twist on tradition and infuses both wedding bands with personality and warmth.

two white gold wedding bands, one with diamonds and one with a satin finish.

Diamond Wedding Band Sets 

Diamonds can be anyone’s best friend. With their unmatched brilliance, and the universal appeal of diamonds makes them suited for just about anyone’s - his, hers, or their - wedding band. Couples can also connect their bands through gemstones. TACORI’s designs provide a canvas for this, with options like channel-set diamonds and bezel-set, creating a coordinated yet individual look.

a diamond eternity band paired with a simple bezel set wedding band

Finishing Touches

A unified finish, such as a pair of satin finish bands, offers a contemporary way to match. It’s a nod to unity without overshadowing individual preferences.

a set of black titanium wedding bands with a satin finish

Crescent Fabric: TACORI's Signature

Crescent Fabrics, exclusive to TACORI, add a hidden layer of unity. Located on the inner face silhouette of the band, it’s a shared design visible mostly to the wearers.

Personalization: Engravings and More

Personal engravings take customization to a deeper level. From inscribed dates to messages, these add a layer of personal history to the bands, making them unique to the couple.

Gemstone Creativity

Opting for different gemstones or diamond arrangements in similar settings can also create a distinctive yet unified look. It's about finding common ground in diversity.

unique diamond wedding band set

Conclusion: Celebrating Love in Every Detail

Selecting matching wedding bands is a journey of celebrating both individuality and togetherness. It's about finding harmony in differences and crafting a set that tells your unique story. Through thoughtful design choices and personal touches, couples can create wedding bands that are not just pieces of jewelry but symbols of their shared journey.


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