The Art of Ring Stacking: Stylish Ways to Stack Rings Nicely

March 18, 2024 Team Tacori

a stylish ring stack, featuring an engagement rings tack with an eternity band


Curating and stacking rings is the art of mixing and matching. It’s both creative and intuitive, combining different elements that are harmonious and visually appealing, yet often unexpected. It’s an outlet for personal expression of style. 

In this guide, we're sharing some guidelines, not rules, for how to wear stacked rings. We’ll delve into the art of mixing metals, varying weights and shapes, and incorporating statement pieces. These tips will help you mix rings of different metals, textures, and gemstones in combinations that can evolve with your mood, the occasion, or fashion trends. 

Start with a Statement Ring

Starting your ring stack with a statement piece sets a bold tone, guiding the stack’s aesthetic. Opt for a striking statement ring, like an oversized signet, as your focal point, and pair it with simpler bands to maintain balance and avoid a cluttered look. 

Alternatively, let your engagement ring take center stage. Ring stacking is as much a form of personal storytelling as it is a fashion statement, so stacking around your engagement ring can turn your stack into a personal narrative and celebration of milestones.

What to invest in:

The Crescent Eclipse 360 dome ring features pavé set diamonds that form a brilliant ellipse. This bold design is one to build off, and is easily complemented by simple bands. 

Crescent Eclipse Dome Ring

Mix Metals for a Chic Contrast

A key consideration to make when tacking rings is whether to stick with a single metal, or to mix metals for a chic contrast. While an all-yellow, rose, or white gold stack is a timeless choice, combining two metals can add depth and visual interest to your stack. 

Whatever you decide, keep it balanced. Choose a dominant metal color, such as yellow gold, and incorporate 1-2 pieces of your secondary metal color, like white gold or rose gold, to achieve a harmonious blend.

What to invest in:

This bevel-edge diamond 5mm white gold band can serve as an accent ring as much as it can serve as a wedding band. The meticulously set round-brilliant diamonds add colorless brilliance to the bright white of the metal. 

Emerald Cut Eternity Band ring stack

Eternity Rings For Timeless Elegance

Eternity rings bring radiance to a ring stack; the continuous row of sparkling gemstones never fails to catch the eye. In 2024, expect to see a wide variety of eternity ring designs, from classic diamond bands to more intricate and unique options, like mosaic-like eternity rings that feature multiple fancy-cut shapes. 

The other reason eternity bands are so great? They're utterly classic; and they can stack two or three at a time on a single finger while looking more elegant than cluttered. 

What to invest in:

Rings that feature emerald cut shapes are easy to stack because of the diamond cut’s clean geometry. Those new to stacking should consider starting with this emerald cut diamond eternity band. It stacks easily with minimalist rings of solid metal, or with other eternity bands of more traditional shapes. 


For something utterly unique, these new Classic Crescent eternity bands feature emerald, pear, and marquise cut shapes in dazzling mosaic designs. TACORI eternity bands stand out, thanks to the diamond-studded Classic Crescent detailing on the inner face silhouette that adds an all-angle sparkle. 

East West Marquise and pear cut diamond eternity band

Embrace Multi-Row Rings for Unique Expression

While stacking individual rings is a classic approach, multi-row rings are gaining popularity for their unique but also convenient design. These rings feature multiple bands incorporated into one cohesive piece, mimicking the appearance of stacked rings. Multi row rings can serve as stacking rings when paired with other pieces, or they can be worn alone as a statement piece. 

What to invest in:

The Crescent Eclipse multi row diamond ring features three 18 karat gold bands that are joined at the peripheral resting point, creating a charming stacked effect. A touch of pavé set diamonds on the center band adds a touch of sparkle. 

360 Stacked Statement Rings in 18K yellow gold

More Ring Stacking Tips

The underlying principle of mixing and matching rings is finding balance between coherence and diversity. It requires a keen eye for detail, a sense of proportion, and an understanding of how different elements interact visually and stylistically. So here are some more general tips to help you find that harmony:

Balance Asymmetry for Visual Intrigue

Creating asymmetry in your ring stack can add a touch of visual intrigue to your overall look. Instead of stacking an equal number of rings on each finger, choose an uneven number of fingers to wear rings on, such as one or three. By doing so, you create a stronger focal point on one hand, making your stack more visually captivating. Asymmetry adds a dynamic element to your jewelry ensemble.

asymmetrical ring stack on two hands

Leave at Least One Finger Bare

As you assemble your ring stack, it's crucial to maintain balance and avoid overdoing it. To prevent your stack from looking overwhelming, stick to stacking on only four fingers at a time. Leaving at least one finger bare creates a balanced and cohesive look. The choice of which finger to leave bare is ultimately yours, whether it's your pinky or thumb, but remember that balance is the key to a successful ring stack.

Avoid Over-Cluttering: Don't Overdo It

While it's tempting to keep adding rings to your stack, it's essential to avoid over cluttering your fingers. Overcrowding can diminish the impact of your statement rings and make your stack appear chaotic. Remember that less can often be more when it comes to ring stacking. Carefully curate your collection and strike a balance between creativity and simplicity.

woman wearing blue one shoulder dress with mosaic eternity band

Ensure Proper Fit for Comfort

Comfort is paramount when it comes to ring stacking. Rings that are too loose can spin around, create unsightly gaps, or rub against adjacent rings, causing discomfort. On the other hand, rings that are too tight can be uncomfortable to wear. When sizing stackable rings, keep in mind that wider bands, typically 2mm or thicker, should be ordered half a size larger than your standard size. Measure your fingers when they are warm, as finger size can vary with temperature.

Start Simple and Build Gradually

If you're new to ring stacking, it's a good idea to start simple and gradually build your stack. Begin by stacking rings on one finger or wearing a single ring on each finger. This approach allows you to familiarize yourself with the art of stacking, understand what combinations work best, and achieve both visual appeal and comfort. 

If you already have an engagement ring or wedding band, consider using them as the foundation for your stack, making your bridal stack the focal point of your ensemble. Alternatively, the middle finger is an excellent starting point for your ring stack, providing a balanced and visually appealing foundation.

Final Styling Words of Wisdom

Once you know the guidelines for ring stacking you can break them. Because ultimately, a ring stack exists as an expression of your unique sense of style. Guidelines provide a foundation, offering insights into achieving visual harmony within your stack. But embracing spontaneity can lead to the most captivating and personal compositions. 


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