The Shape Guide: Pear Cut Diamonds

November 16, 2020 Team Tacori

Charming and alluring, one of the most charismatic of all engagement ring diamond cuts, the pear cut or tear drop diamond as it’s also known, is a stunning option for a ring with truly unique qualities.

The pear-cut dates back as early as the 15th century and is considered a cross between the round brilliant diamond and the marquise shape diamond—celebrating the best of both cuts in this unique shape. Back in vogue in the high mid-20th century, the pear was synonymous with glamour and opulence thanks to the iconic Taylor-Burton diamond. Gifted to Elizabeth Taylor in 1969 by her legendary partner, Richard Burton, the actress wore the 69-carat pear-cut diamond both as a necklace and as a ring to many red carpet events. Other well-known fans of the pear cut include Victoria Beckham, Sophie Turner, and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

How To Wear Pear Shaped Ring

With their distinctive
pear shapes or tear drop shape comes a brilliance of diamond fire and sparkle thanks to their 58 facets. Rounded at one end, angular at the other, pear cut diamonds are a much beloved and coveted cut and surprisingly versatile. Offering a glittering array of styles, not to mention playful wearability in the pear’s orientation too, they can point north, south, or east-west, for different effects.

If you're wondering how to wear a pear shaped ring, pear cut diamonds can also be styled with additional stones, blooms, crescents, and crowns. The possibilities to create something truly unique and innately your style are endless.

Like the elongated shapes of oval or marquise cuts, the pear cut it can actually appear larger than its carat weight. By wearing it pointing toward the finger tip, it can have a lengthening effect.

Another similarity with ovals is that pear shape diamonds can have a bow-tie effect which is a darker loss of light in the center of the stone. Look for a pear cut diamond where the bow-tie effect is minimal, the stone should be symmetrical and evenly balanced with good proportions—so not too long or short, not too wide or skinny.


What Does a Pear Shaped Diamond Symbolize?

The pear or tear drop shape has come to symbolize different meanings over the years. Because of its utterly unique shape, many believe it represents innate style, independence, and empowerment. It also is said to represent tears of joy—wedding tears. 

And, it can be infused with many more meanings too. If you choose to work with an heirloom stone, or opt for engagement ring designs with hidden depth like our hidden blooms or other under-the-crown detailing you can create your very own engagement ring symbolism.


How to Choose a Pear Cut Diamond

Pear cuts should have 


Modern Pear 

A pear shaped diamond solitaire rests gently on a diamond band with pinpoint diamond details. The perfect balance of diamonds and high-shine precious metal, the Classic 360 setting creates a floating diamond effect. On the inner face of the ring, the Coastal Crescent fabric adds a subtle shine from the side profile.




Diamond-intense up top, with a center stone encircled by a bloom of diamonds, cascading down to open branched pavé shoulders, with even more hidden details below. Ornate and delicate lace-like metalwork is studded with diamonds and milgrain detailing for a ring that truly wows from all angles.





Three-Stone Pear 

Why go for one pear cut when you could have three? Pear-shaped side diamonds graduate to the pear shaped center on this exquisite three stone engagement ring. Diamond detailing under the shoulders and milgrain add to the side profile and character of the ring.



East-West Pear 

For a more unusual and striking engagement ring, go for an east-west orientation. The pear shaped center diamond is flipped in a horizontal orientation accentuated by a diamond tipped frame that spotlights the elongated elegance of your pear shaped center. It stacks beautifully with a curved wedding band too.




Ornate and elegant, this diamond-intense Petite Crescent foundation features a pear-shaped bloom, flowing into a pavé set diamond shoulders for that balanced light play. A lace-like Dantela crown and crescents studded with diamonds elevates the side profile of this ring.




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