The Shape Guide: Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

January 26, 2021 Team Tacori

Classic, quintessential, and oh-so effortless, the round brilliant cut diamond is one of the most universally adored shapes and for good reason. This classic round diamond cut is perfect in symmetry, has light-dancing reflections, and is versatile with settings options that work with all styles and aesthetics from vintage to contemporary, statement to subtle. 

The round brilliant cut diamond also happens to be one of the oldest shapes in diamond cuts, dating back to the 17th century. During the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, it grew in popularity and remains the most popular shape of modern times. A-listers Emily Blunt, Olivia Wilde, and Natalie Portman can attest to that. 

Why Choose a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond?

Round brilliant cut diamonds are renowned for their innate brilliance and dazzling light reflective qualities. Despite its round shape, the round cut diamond has 58 angular facets within it. These facets refract and bounce light from the bottom of the diamond through the top and outwards to create the fire and light that makes it so distinctive and such a popular diamond shape. 

Utterly versatile and truly timeless, the round brilliant cut diamond can effortlessly stand alone as a single center stone in a classic solitaire setting, offering a striking yet simple silhouette that can be dressed up with pavé detailing on the shoulders of the ring or balanced with a high-shine polished precious metal band. Or, for even more diamond brilliance, a round cut diamond can be boosted further with a halo or bloom variation, enhancing or transforming the overall shape. If you’re looking to maximize the diamond coverage, round cut diamonds can also be worked into a three-stone setting with matching round brilliant diamonds or flanked with different shapes such as marquise

Truly timeless, the round cut remains the most popular diamond shape thanks to its versatility. Elegantly complementing any wedding band and even colorful anniversary bands too, choosing a round cut engagement ring means you’ll always have flexibility and a look that’s trend-proof, to journey with you through all the seasons of your love. The possibilities are endless to personalize this diamond cut and make it all yours. 

Discover a lineup of our favorite round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings


Classic Crescent

Vintage appeal with milgrain details and a Classic Crescent inner face. This round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring has four-prong setting and a completely open gallery allowing for the light to hit the diamond at every angle, for a 360 radiance. The Classic Crescent fabric adorns the inner face of the ring, enhancing the side profile with crescents each infused with a trio of diamonds, punctuated by milgrain detailing. 

Simply Tacori

An octagonal bloom adds dimension and distinction to this modern, high-polish setting. Featuring an eight-prong solitaire setting, on a Cathedral foundation, intricate metalwork under the crown creates an ornate effect, flanked by diamond-infused crescents for exquisite light play and detailing.

Founder's RoyalT

The perfect balance of high-shine metal meets diamond intensity, this four-prong round solitaire engagement ring has a diamond-intense band that flows upwards to meet the hidden bloom under the crown. A diamond-studded crescent signature on the inner band sits at the resting point of the ring for added effect. 


Classic Crescent RoyalT

Our popular pavé set ribbon band is enhanced to accommodate this intricate four-pronged, pavé set gallery to bring the round brilliant cut center to life.


Three-times the charm! Your round brilliant cut center is enhanced by a diamond bloom and brought to life by two high-intensity cadillac side stones. The pavé set diamond band adds extra diamond brilliance, while from the side, intricate metalwork under the crown weaves an exquisite web of detailing that’s utterly mesmerizing.


Petite Crescent 

A delicate, lace-like floral bloom bordered with milgrain detailing brings your round center diamond to life. Pavé diamonds on the ceiling of the band is balanced by diamond crescents on the side profile for a delicate yet diamond brilliant effect from every angle.

Petite Crescent 

A diamond-intense solitaire setting that takes a less metal, more diamonds approach reveals the beauty of the round brilliant cut diamond center. Pavé set diamonds on the band rest on diamond infused crescents on the inner band to create effortless radiance.


How will you wear your round brilliant cut engagement ring

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