The Best Engagement Ring Trends of 2024

November 21, 2023 Nadine Tacorian

2024 Engagement Ring Trends

The top engagement ring trends of 2024 can be summed up in four words: one-of-a-kind. TACORI's Head of Design, Nadine Tacorian, gives her take on the unique engagement ring styles that we're seeing in the new year:

This year is personal. Couples are bidding adieu to generic, mainstream styles as they opt for interesting and meaningful talismans to mark their unions. Expect to see unconventional center stones, bespoke details, and vibrant pops of color. 

As we look ahead to what to expect in the top trends of 2024 engagement rings, themes of expression, intrigue, and individuality top the list as people opt for pieces that tell their story.


The Rulebook is Out The Window in 2024

After the uncertainty of the last few years, people are reemerging confidently, without emotional inhibitions - there is no time for regrets. We've always known that every relationship is multifaceted and totally unique. But lately, we've seen people owning their quirks and stepping into their individuality. They want to express their love fully, and what better canvas for that beautiful expression than an engagement ring?

Read on to learn my predictions for the top engagement ring trends of 2024.


Unconventional Center Stones Steal the Show

Unconventional center stone engagement rings are trending in 2024

The allure of fancy-cut center diamonds is undeniable in 2024, with emerald and oval cuts taking center stage. The elongated silhouettes of these two shapes exude a sense of refined elegance and create a striking visual impact. Not to mention, they're exceptionally flattering on the finger.

I've always held a deep appreciation for those who choose fancy-cut diamonds for their engagement rings. Going for an unconventional cut, as opposed to a traditional round center stone, speaks volumes about a shopper's discerning taste and unique sense of style. 

Custom, Intricate, and One-of-A-Kind  Custom, Engagement Rings

Custom engagement ring trends in 2024

The demand for custom engagement rings continues to soar, reflecting a desire for truly unique expressions of love. At TACORI, couples are collaborating with our design team on custom and totally one-of-a-kind creations. Bespoke details include settings embellished with milgrain, extra diamond accents, and meaningful engravings etched into the foundation. These loving intricacies herald a departure from the minimalistic styles of previous years. 

In the newest styles of our Dantela collection, we translated the original lace-like tracery found beneath the crown to the inner face silhouette. The result is an incredibly complex and beautiful lace-like Crescent Fabric. The alluring intricacy has been met with a resounding enthusiasm.


I'm an eternal fan of three stone engagement rings, so I'm excited that this powerful style is prominent in 2024. Three stone rings offer a canvas for embracing more fancy-cut diamonds to the crown of an engagement ring, allowing truly unique trio rings. Consider exploring unexpected diamond shapes for the side stones, such as Cadillac cut or marquise cut; these unconventional choices inject unparalleled personality and charm into the ring design.

Three stone rings are also beautifully symbolic, as they can represent a couple's past, present, and future - with the future shining the biggest and brightest. 

Lab Created, Larger Center Stones

A couple where the woman wears a three carat lab grown diamond engagement ring

This year, couples are opting for lab-grown diamonds as opportunities to embrace bigger, bolder expressions of their commitment. These larger stones may be synonymous with a touch of quiet luxury. High-carat diamonds set into a refined and elegant engagement ring foundation, such as that of the Founder's Ring, radiates a sense of sophistication and a deep appreciation for timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Platinum Patina Engagement Rings

A model wears a platinum solitaire engagement ring


Platinum is popular in 2024, and for a good reason. The naturally bright white color of platinum makes it a clean backdrop to spotlight the clarity of a diamond, and in turn, makes it a versatile setting for colored gemstones. Given that platinum is 60% more dense than gold, it won't ever wear down or lose volume. In fact, scratches create a rich patina that strengthens the platinum metallurgic properties. 

For these reasons, platinum is our preferred metal at TACORI, and we take pride in making some of the purest platinum on the market. Our in-house metallurgist mixes platinum in-house, creating platinum bands that are 95% pure platinum - higher than the industry standard of 90%. Platinum will stand the test of time, remaining both a timeless style choice and a physically resilient metal.

A trending ring should still be a timeless ring, and all TACORI pieces are crafted with principles of excellent design and premium materials, so that they’ll be wearable for a lifetime and beyond. Explore all of our engagement ring collections and choose the one that speaks to you. 


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