Your Guide to Delicate and Thin Band Engagement Rings

May 8, 2023 Team Tacori

In a world where trends come and go with dizzying speed, thin band engagement rings have managed to remain a popular choice. These minimal silhouettes pack a powerful punch with their subtle details and refined radiance. 

How thin is a thin band engagement ring?

A thin band engagement ring usually sits in the 1.5mm-1.8mm range, a measurement that relates to the width of the band, not thickness (which may vary depending on the engagement ring style you choose). 

And thanks to the skill of our master artisans, even the most dainty TACORI bands incorporate distinctive details, like the TACORI Crescent Fabrics, which add spectacular depth and dimension. Rather than shying away from adding details to our thinner bands, we consult our CAD engineer, our designers, and our setters to ensure a structurally sound, beautifully elegant engagement ring with plenty of personalization. 

So just like their wider counterparts, slender band engagement rings come in a myriad of styles. Thinner foundations usually allow for diamonds between 0.75 carat and 2 carat, the petite size of which contributes to the delicate effect. But some of our latest thin band styles can now accommodate up to five carats. 

Why Choose Thin Band Engagement Rings?

So why choose a thin band engagement ring? For one, it puts the focus on the center stone, celebrating the diamond as the focal point and making it appear larger. 

A thin band also offers sophisticated simplicity, making it a great choice if your style is more streamlined or you prefer a ring with a delicate appearance. If you have smaller hands or slender fingers, a thin band won’t overpower your aesthetic. Not to mention, thin bands are more lightweight, which causes less pressure on the finger and can make it feel more comfortable to wear over a long period of time. 

Styling a Thin Band Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering how to style a thin band engagement ring with a wedding band or eternity ring, it’s not complicated—thin bands are typically versatile enough to blend seamlessly with any width of bands in your stack

To note: Just because you choose a thin band engagement ring, doesn’t mean you have to go the slender route for your wedding band or eternity ring. Mixed-width ring stacks are trending and are a great way to add a little textural interplay into your ring collection. 

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite thin band engagement ring styles:

Intricate Detailing

The ceiling of thin band engagement rings favors a streamlined approach, but simplicity can still have intricacies. Decorate the ceiling of the ring with pavé-set diamonds for a totally alluring, nuanced light effect. Or, add a hidden bloom beneath the crown for all-angle sparkle. 

As a beautiful example, the Simply TACORI Solitaire Engagement Ring is a modern take on a classic solitaire silhouette

This delicate ring features an exquisite cathedral foundation — meaning the band slopes up to the edge of the center stone. The extra surface area allows for extra detailing under the crown, with diamonds set into each of the four prongs and a hidden bloom directly under the center stone.

In this ring, diamonds and meticulous milgrain detailing are set into the band’s side profile silhouette, while the exterior of the band has an effortlessly modern high-polish ceiling for a textural interplay that gives this ring hidden depths. 

Contemporary Chic


For a more diamond-forward look, the Coastal Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring is an exquisite balance of inner- and outer-facing diamonds. A four-prong solitaire—emerald, oval, princess, or pear cut—is flanked by a row of French pavé on the upper shoulders, creating an all-dimension shine. Softly waved crescents studded with pinpoint diamond detailing add intricacy to the inner life of the ring. 

Modern Minimalism


Designed by our founder, Haig Tacorian, this Founder’s Collection Solitaire Engagement Ring is a new take on a classic solitaire. Here, the center diamond rests in a four-prong setting on a high-polish band. The elegant ring features a signature hidden bloom of diamonds nestled under the center stone. If you’re looking to make the diamond the focal point but still want subtle detailing, this refined engagement ring is an exceptional choice. 

Delicate Draping



For exceptionally delicate detailing with a minimalist outer appearance, the Simply TACORI Solitaire Engagement Ring could be the choice for you. The couture-inspired creation takes its design cues from the draping found in elegant bridal gowns, and features a classic 360º solitaire setting for the center stone. Just beneath the crown, milgrain detailing drapes down to create a fluid effect, echoed by the diamonds and milgrain set into the crescents in the shoulders of the high-polish band. 

Ultimately, the size of your engagement ring band will come down to your personal style and preferences. You might love a thin band with a larger diamond, a thin band with a smaller diamond, or a wider statement band. Whatever you decide, our TACORI design team is always here to offer expert guidance. 



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