The Best New Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

January 6, 2022 Margaret Nam

Creativity and individuality rule engagement ring trends for 2022, as couples seek to express their unique love story and imbue hidden meanings through their rings. Whether through the center stone, silhouette, or inner detailings, adding that personal touch will be key in the year ahead.

Our COO and Design Director, Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian shares her take on the biggest engagement ring trends of 2022. "Couples are eager to celebrate love by making the ring their own."

From striking solitaires to storied stacks, delicate silhouettes to hidden love notes, discover our guide to the key 2022 engagement ring trends you’ll love…


Mixed Shapes

Three-stone engagement rings are enjoying a big resurgence for 2022, thanks to the myriad ways they can be styled. A beautifully symbolic setting, each stone represents past, present, and of course, future. No longer about three uniform shapes, today’s three-stone rings now feature a traditional center stone accompanied by fancy shape side stones— think half-moons, pears, or even marquise, to create a diamond effect that’s utterly unique. Consider mixing in heirloom stones or even a fancy cut center-stone to add to the ring’s story.


Simply Tacori
Style: 266PS85X55


Simply Tacori
Style: 2668OV7X5


Founder's Collection RoyalT
Style: HT2689OV10X7



Elevated Vintage 

Vintage and heirloom styles take on new forms for 2022 in the perfect blend of classic meets contemporary. The emerald cut—a firm Art Deco favorite, is having a major moment right now thanks to its strong, clean silhouette that works in many settings. Other styles with heirloom vibes give a nod to the cocktail ring era such as the dazzling Dantela with its blooming crown—giving the effect of a larger center stone. And, you can always give a more modern setting an antique edge by incorporating heirloom diamonds into the ring design too.



Petite Crescent
Style: HT2559EC8X6


Founder's Collection
Style: HT2582RD8


Style: 2620RDLGP


Hidden Symbolism 

With couples wanting their engagement ring to signify new depths in their love story, hidden details and love notes are a big engagement ring trend for 2022. Exquisite and unique tokens imbued with added layers of meaning, whether the subtle hidden bloom of our Founder’s Collection, diamonds on the prongs or inside detailing of a Crescent Fabric, these are rings that sparkle from the inside, out. 



Simply Tacori RoyalT
Style: HT2625OV11X9


Petite Crescent
Style: HT2545RD65


Founder's Collection
Style: HT2581RD8


Delicate Silhouettes

Minimal silhouettes that make maximum impact; striking simplicity is in for 2022. Think thinner bands, delicate center-stones, and gentle detailing for a quietly confident effect. Look to the classics, whether that’s a Simply Tacori emerald cut with pavé band for all the sparkle, or a Classic Crescent with its slender new Cathedral silhouette.



Simply Tacori
Style: 2671EC85X65


Founder's Collection
Style: HT2580OV85X65


Classic Crescent
Style: 2680RD65




Still going strong for 2022, the stacking trend shows no signs of slowing down. Many couples choose to style their engagement ring as the center piece, flanked by a wider stack of rings—each representing a different part of their love story. And, whether gemstone-studded bands, delicate high-shine or pavé bands or even mixed precious metals, there really are no rules when it comes to curating your own stack. Let your love story shine out in the most exquisite and unexpected ways. 



Featured styles:


Fancy Shapes

Fancy diamond shapes are still going strong into 2022 with pear, emerald, and oval cuts leading the charge. Popular for good reason, each boasts a larger surface area than the average round cut—meaning they appear bigger, so you get maximum sparkle. These particular fancy shapes also help elongate the finger, making them a more tempting silhouette for many. All three cuts are surprisingly versatile, so you can go as subtle or as a statement as you like with a fancy shape as your center-stone. 

And, another way to create the illusion of a fancy shape, is by blooming your round cut diamond with our Inflori collection in pear, marquise, or oval effects



Simply Tacori 
Style: 2677OV95X7


Petite Crescent
Style: HT2569EC8X6




Yellow Gold

Enjoying a chic comeback, the warm, sun-drenched tones of yellow gold are proving to be an engagement ring favorite into 2022. A true style icon, its elegant vintage vibes and vibrant hue makes any center-stone and pavé detailing pop. It also makes for some fun styling potential with your wedding ring too if you want to mix metals and pair it with a white or rose gold band for a unique statement.



Simply Tacori
Style: 2671OV75X55Y


Simply Tacori
Style: 2668OV7X5Y


Founder's Ring RoyalT
Style: HT2671RD95Y



The New Way to Solitaire 

Ever enduring, always alluring, the solitaire reigns supreme year after year. For 2022, style your solitaire your way, in round brilliance or sparkling fancy shapes, and choose between more statement or delicate silhouettes, in cathedral or classic 360 settings, and finish with pavé or high-shine bands. "Solitaire rings are always a favorite. We like to add subtle and unique design elements to differentiate your ring from the rest," says Nadine.



Oval Solitaire
Style: 268315OV85X65


Simply Tacori
Style: 2678RD75


Simply Tacori
Style: 2650RD65



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