The Shape Guide: Oval Cut


Sophisticated and classic, the oval cut diamond has as much sparkle as a round brilliant, but with a more elongated, statement silhouette. In the fancy diamond shape category for good reason, its iridescent beauty brings all the glamour, while its easy-to-style shape offers all the options whether more minimal or all-out statement. 

While oval diamond shapes have been around for many years - the first known cut as early as 1304, the cut we love today was created in the early 1960s. The most famous oval cut diamond is the Koh-i-Noor or ‘mountain of light’ which is part of the British Crown Jewels. Another famous oval cut ring was for Princess Diana in 1981, and now worn by Kate Middleton — while not a diamond but a 12 carat sapphire, it retains its iconic status as one of the most popular rings of all time. The oval-cut continues to reign in popularity in modern times, A-listers Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, and Kristen Dunst can attest to that. 

The oh so popular, oval shape is flattering and versatile, no matter how you wear it or stack it. And the elongated shape of the oval cut makes it a flattering choice to many! 

Classic Oval Engagement Rings
All eyes will be on your center diamond, in this not so simple solitaire oval cut diamond engagement ring. A sleek band with secret diamond details along the inner face of the band brings your brilliant oval cut diamond to life, making it worthy of your love.


Simply Tacori RoyalT

Not including center diamond


Bloomed Oval Engagement Rings
From our iconic Dantela collection, the foundation of this ring reaches towards the oval cut center with open arms. And with a beautiful diamond bloom that hugs the center oval diamond that delivers shine from every angle. 


Not including center diamond

Contemporary Oval Engagement Rings
Beautiful alternating round brilliant diamonds form  marquise-shapes for unique detailing on the band. The diamonds on the shoulder of the ring are placed in a French-cut setting, allowing more diamond brilliance to lead your eye to the oval center.

Petite Crescent

Not including center diamond

Three-Stone Oval Engagement Rings
Three times the charm! The oval center is brought to life by two side pear-shaped diamonds in this irresistible diamond engagement ring.

Simply Tacori RoyalT
$10,990.00 USD IN PLATINUM

Not including center diamond


Oval Wedding Band
Celebrate your love in a bold way with an eternity of diamonds. Oval cut diamonds dance along this bold band with pavé set diamonds along the inner face of the ring, allowing the brilliant diamonds to sparkle from every angle.


Inflori Bloom Engagement Rings
Create an oval shape by blooming your round brilliant center diamond with an exquisite spread of smaller diamonds. 


Not including center diamond

Want to see more oh-so-elegant oval-cut rings to love? Discover our full collection of oval engagement rings and find your perfect match.

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