Time to Get Stacking with Tacori’s 2-Prong Band Varietal


One trend we hope that never goes away? Ring stacks! Limitless options and reasons to stack from celebrating special occasions to showing-off your style and creativity. And of course, just for fun! You can stack the same ring, mix and match metals, add different shapes and stones -the choice is yours!

And now you have another reason to stack with the newest addition to our sculpted crescent family: 2 Prong Varietal Bands. Our designers created new 2-prong bands that deliver a diamond-intense look you’ll love to show off. Offered in 2mm and 2.5mm widths, these beauties can be paired with existing engagement rings or intensify your stacking bands.

How will you create your stacking story today?

This week, we invited three of our Tacori stylists to create their dream ring stack using the new 2-prong bands and tell us why they created their one-of-a-kind stack. Check out their choices below and comment to let us know which stack you would rock! 

Styled by Michelle:

“For my ring goals, I need at least two of these, maybe three.  With two, I can stack these as “ring guards” around my engagement ring or a chunky band.  With three, I can wear the stack on its own! One in each color – rose, yellow and white gold of course!”

Sculpted Crescent
$2,990.00 USD

Styled by Margaret:

“The 2-prong bands are my new fave Tacori band! The French pavé setting of the 2-prong bands add a unique dimension to my stack.”

Sculpted Crescent

Styled by Brianna:      

“The 2-Prong Band is my new favorite Tacori band because it’s so versatile and pairs nicely with any ring. I would frame a 360 ring because it sits above the diamond bands truly seeing beauty from every angle. I also picked an oval center engagement ring because it sets apart from the round bands and is still the star of the show.”

Simply Tacori
Sculpted Crescent

Want to see more styled looks from our stylists? Check out their pages Styled by Michelle, Margaret and Brianna.


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