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Less can be so much more when it comes to engagement rings and your ring doesn’t have to feature a gigantic gobstopper gem to be a conversation-starter. If you’re a fan of functional style, with a keen eye for timeless, trend-proof pieces, then a minimalist engagement ring will likely be your new BFF. And, as it’s a piece you’ll be wearing everyday for the foreseeable future, it’s super important to find a style that totally vibes with your aesthetic and overall lifestyle on a daily basis.

From perfectly pared-down to nuanced notice-me, the goal is striking a balance of sparkle and sophistication that elevates your look without dominating it. So prepare to obsess over our edit of contemporary and oh-so-refined minimalist-chic options. 

  1. Simple Statements

Anything but boring or uniform—and going all-in on crisp, contemporary designs—our Simply Tacori collection makes all the impact with quietly, unexpected details. Placing the solitaire diamond front-and-center, this utterly dreamy platinum ring offers an eye-catching twist thanks to its flanking tapered band of engraved diamond details.

Simply Tacori

Not including center diamond

  1. Elegance Redefined

For the girl who wants her diamond served up crisp and clean, our signature crescent RoyalT ring is a stellar option. Whatever shape you choose—we particularly love the defined edges of the emerald shaped solitaire—this four-pronged stunner is set on a cushion edged with teeny diamond studs, to give a shimmer that’s minimalist but with a brilliance that positively radiates.


Not including center diamond

  1. For Your Eyes Only

Keeping your ring ever-so romantic and intimate, all the rings in the Coastal Crescent collection come with our signature diamond-cuddled crescent that only you, the ring wearer, can see. Secret details aside, we particularly adore the elegance of the oval solitaire coastal crescent in rose gold, which rests on the eternity band for a new spin on modern love.

Coastal Crescent
$1,690.00 USD IN 14KT ROSE GOLD

Not including center diamond

  1. Clean Lines

For the minimalist who’s not all about the sparkle, Sculpted Crescent settings play with a chic fabric crescent with intricate metalwork and no added stones, so the center solitaire takes all the focus. Opt for a clean round diamond set against classy platinum and then raised on a cathedral cushion with subtle engraved accents encasing the solitaire—this is the Kate Middleton of rings.

Sculpted Crescent

Not including center diamond

  1. Effortless Style

Effervescent sparkle, but without being OTT, Clean Crescent designs spin a new perspective, elevating the center diamond with a sophisticated French-cut setting, which riffs off the strong statement of the diamond-encrusted band. Anything but an attention-seeker, this ring quietly steals the show.

Clean Crescent

Not including center diamond

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