Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles

June 12, 2024 Team Tacori

Engagement rings influenced by celebrity engagement rings

Celebrity engagement rings are awesome sources of inspiration for your own; high-profile stars almost always go for custom, extra-personal, and often boundary-pushing designs. These fresh and creative designs are great starting points for designing your own engagement ring. As these high-profile engagements unfold, the spotlight on these engagement rings set the stage for the year’s most sought-after designs. 

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the standout celebrity engagement rings of the past year, exploring how their styles can be mirrored by some of our exquisite TACORI engagement rings. Hopefully, using these pieces will give you some ideas for how you can make your engagement ring truly reflect your personal style and preferences.

Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

These celebrity engagement ring selections, from fancy pear cuts to elegant ovals, have inspired interest in distinctive and sophisticated diamond cuts. These trends reflect the celebrity styles and offer a glimpse into the luxurious and diverse options for those ready to tie the knot.

Demi Lovato's Pear Cut Elegance

In 2023, the allure of fancy cut stones captured the imagination of many, with Demi Lovato's custom pear-cut ring leading the charge. This estimated 4.5 carat center stone clearly demonstrates the growing preference for unique, less-traditional diamond cuts. 

For those drawn to the sophisticated silhouette of Demi's engagement ring, TACORI offers an impeccable alternative: the Pear Solitaire from the Founder’s Collection. This TACORI creation mirrors the elegant design and prominence of the pear cut, making it a perfect choice for those looking to emulate Demi's chic style. The pavé set diamonds on the ceiling add more carats that enhance the visual size of the center stone. 

pear solitaire engagement ring

Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring

Adele’s Pear Cut Love Affair

Adele, known for her soulful voice, has also embraced the pear-cut center stone.  It's approximately 8-10 carats are set atop a pavé band, and surrounded by round brilliant diamond on each side. 

Echoing Adele's engagement ring, this Simply TACORI Pear Cut engagement ring boasts a bloom around the center stone that magnifies the pear cut center stone's brilliance and visual size. The stunning crown is set atop a slender band that glitters with rournd-brilliant pavé-set diamonds.

pear bloom soliaire engagement ring
Pear Bloom Solitaire Engagement Ring

Yvette Nicole Brown’s Oval Cut Charm

The oval-cut diamond has been one of the most popular engagement ring center stones for a few years now, and Yvette Nicole Brown's engagement ring ushers this trend along. The elongated cut of an oval is exceptionally flattering on the finger, and combines the eye-catching faceting of a round brilliant diamond with a unique shape.

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Our Oval solitaire from the Classic Crescent collection features pavé diamonds on the ceiling and Classic Crescent detailing on the side profile silhouette. With the added sparkle from hidden details, this design mirrors the charm and character of Yvette Nicole Brown's engagement ring.Oval Cut Solitaire engagement ring with Pavé
Oval Cut Solitaire with Pavé

Millie Bobbie Brown’s Round Cut with Cushion Halo

Millie Bobbie Brown's choice of a round-cut diamond encased in a cushion halo has captured the hearts of many, underscoring the lasting popularity of round diamonds and the added brilliance of a halo setting. 

This combination offers a classic yet radiant look, perfect for those who appreciate traditional beauty with a modern flair. The TACORI cushion bloom engagement ring embodies this trend, blending the classic round cut with a cushion halo to enhance the diamond's sparkle. 

This ring is ideal for those inspired by Millie Bobbie Brown's style, seeking a piece that combines the best of both worlds.

Cushion Cut Solitaire with Cushion Bloom
Cushion Cut Solitaire with Cushion Bloom

Jenny Lyons’ Emerald Cut Sophistication

The emerald cut diamond carries a distinctively vintage look, a fact Jenny Lyons’ engagement ring choice underscores beautifully. The emerald cut is renowned for its clean lines and fiery sparkle. 

For those drawn to this refined elegance, TACORI presents an exquisite emerald-cut engagement ring that embodies sophistication. This option mirrors the classic beauty of Jenny Lyons’ ring, catering to those who appreciate the understated luxury of an emerald cut.

Emerald Cut Solitaire with Pavé
Emerald Cut Solitaire with Pavé

Jennifer Lopez’s Unique Green Diamond

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring, featuring a standout green diamond set in a three-stone arrangement, has been a trendsetter. This unique choice highlights the appeal of colored diamonds and their ability to make a bold, glamorous statement. 

TACORI offers a version that captures the essence of this uniqueness, showcasing the brand’s commitment to creating rings that are as individual as the love stories they represent. Because TACORI engagement rings can accommodate any center stone, you can choose an emerald, or an emerald cut diamond, to add a refreshing twist on a classic. 

Emerald Cut Three-Stone with Cadillac Side Stones
Emerald Cut Three-Stone with Cadillac Side Stones

Celebrity Inspiration and Personal Elegance

In 2023, celebrity engagement rings highlighted how unique and personal each symbol of love can be. At TACORI, we pour our heart - and skill - into creating designs that celebrate the uniqueness of each relationship. So whether you're captivated by less-conventional fancy-cut diamonds, or the classic facade of a simple solitaire, you can make your engagement ring personal by adding hidden details that speak to your story. 


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