How To Choose a Pavé Engagement Ring

June 27, 2023 Team Tacori

Pave Engagement Rings Guide

One of the most distinctive features of a TACORI engagement ring is the prolific use of accent diamonds in the foundation. If you love the sparkling allure of a diamond-intense surface, then a pavé engagement ring, hand-set by our master artisans, might be the ring for you.

What is a Pavé Setting?

The word pavé—French for “paved” or “pavement”, reflects the texture of the small diamonds that are set into the ceiling of the ring. Each diamond is held in place by small beads of precious metal. Because the surface of the band is covered in gemstones, an engagement ring with pavé creates a glittering, diamond-forward effect. 

Pavé has a rich history in the jewelry world, dating back to the Georgian era of the 18th century. It was and still is a labor-intensive method that takes years of apprenticeship to learn. Today, thanks to its versatility and universal appeal of breathtaking lightplay, pavé has evolved into a popular style for both elaborate and more minimalist engagement ring designs

But the beauty of pavé goes beyond its appearance; understanding the intricacies of pavé and the craftsmanship behind this style is the first step in deciding whether this is the engagement ring style for you. 


What are the different types of Pavé?

At TACORI, we use two different types of pavé in our rings:

What Is French Pave

French pavé creates its distinctively diamond-forward look by meticulously setting each diamond into a U-shaped groove that is cut into the band of the ring. This gives less meta-visibility but more diamond visibility and all-angle shine to the diamonds. This is ideal for thin band engagement rings, as this technique requires less metal to hold each diamond accent in place. 
Classic Pave Diamond Setting


Classic pavé refers to diamonds that are held in place with tiny prongs. The interplay of the diamonds with the droplets of metal adds texture to the ring. 

And, while channel-set and bezel-set diamonds are not considered pavé, they are a way of incorporating more diamond accents into an engagement ring.

Pavé is a common feature of TACORI bands; in fact, the average TACORI engagement ring is set with 60 diamonds. Each and every one of those diamonds is inspected and matched by our in-house gemologists to ensure that its cut and color meet our exacting standards. 

Read on to discover our finest pavé engagement ring settings; they’re truly romantic, undeniably eye-catching, and utterly unique. 


Contemporary Pavé

Contemporary Pave Engagement Ring

Founder's Collection Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring

For a modern take on pavé, the Founder’s Collection Solitaire Engagement Ring offers a classic solitaire silhouette with a difference. The four-prong engagement ring setting is highlighted by meticulous French pavé that runs up the ceiling, and is balanced by a clean, contemporary high-polish inner face. A hidden bloom of diamonds just under the center stone brings extra diamond dimension.

Diamond Directional

Diamond Directional Engagement Ring

Petite Crescent Oval Bloom Engagement Ring
STYLE HT254715OV75X55

With lifted luminosity and exceptional radiance, the Petite Crescent Bloom Engagement Ring is a diamond-forward style featuring a mix of textures on the ceiling and on the inner face silhouette of the ring.

French pavé graduates up the ceiling of the ring towards the center stone. An open carriage design enhances the viewing of the center stone, while a spotlight bloom positioned just below creates the illusion of an even larger diamond. On the inner face of the ring, pinpoint diamonds dazzle in all directions. 

Delicately Defined

Delicately Defined Pave Engagement Ring

Dantela Emerald Bloom Engagement Ring
Style: 2620ECSMP

For the perfect balance of diamond-directional up top and intricate detailing below, the Dantela Bloom Engagement Ring is a stellar choice. Round brilliant diamonds are French pavé set along the ceiling of the ring, surrounded with high-polish precious metal. The spotlight bloom set just below the center stone works in perfect harmony with the pavé to give a diamond-intense effect. On the lower levels of the crown, meticulous milgrain and beading detail add intrigue while pinpoint diamonds in the lower shoulders complete the elegant design.


Texture Play

Pave Engagement Ring

Petite Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Style: HT254525OV95X75

Blending high-polish precious metal with diamond accents, the Petite Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring features pavé along the ceiling of the ring that makes way for the center stone designed with a delicate floating effect. Milgrain detailing and pinpoint diamonds flow in waves directly below the ceiling, graduating into high-polish metal on the lower half of the band.

Knife Edge Pavé

Solitaire Princess Engagement Ring

Sculpted Crescent Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring
Style: 2686PR75

Double rows of pavé decorate the ceiling and slope upwards, shaping the sharp and elegant band of the Sculpted Crescent Knife Edge Solitaire. Details beneath the crown are inspired by intricate bridal details, and feature drape-like metal edged with hand-hewn milgrain. 

As with any engagement ring, especially one with delicate and intricate details, care and maintenance are important to keep your ring shiny and the diamonds secure. Getting your pavé engagement ring professionally cleaned will help maintain it. (It’s best to limit the use of polishing cloths as these can snag on the tiny prongs.) 

Our guide on how to clean and care for your engagement ring has everything you need to keep your pavé engagement ring safe and sparkling for years to come. 


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Whatever you decide, our TACORI design team is always here to offer expert guidance. 

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