What Are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles?

September 20, 2023 Team Tacori

Most Popular Engagement Rings

From solitaire to three-stone engagement rings, round cut diamonds to emerald cut, and minimalist looks to diamond intense, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to finding an engagement ring that’s right for your style and aesthetic.

To narrow down the search, we’ve curated an edit of the most popular engagement ring styles that are both classic and contemporary. Find your match with one of these timeless treasures.

How to Choose Your Engagement Ring

When considering an engagement ring, the endless possibilities can make the entire process feel daunting. Focusing on a few specifics can help refine your search. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Are you a fan of a single center stone? You’re not alone: Solitaire engagement rings are the most popular engagement ring style. Simple yet striking, solitaire rings showcase a clean, classic silhouette that can feature hidden detailing for added depth and symbolism. Whether bold or more delicate, solitaire engagement rings offer versatility in their overall aesthetic, and can be effortlessly paired with any wedding band or anniversary ring to create a personalized stack that tells your story.

Halo Engagement Rings

If you’re seeking to increase the diamond intensity factor, add a halo or what we at TACORI call a bloom to enhance the center stone, making it appear bigger and brighter. Pavé set diamonds can also be added to the band to enhance the ring’s vibrancy and light play.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three stone engagement ring is another popular choice that introduces an element of symbolism, with the three diamonds representing your past, present, and future. Three stone engagement rings can either feature uniform shapes (such as three emerald cut diamonds) or have a center stone flanked by two diamonds in complementing shapes on either side. 

Diamond Cuts

Popular diamond cuts for center stones right now include the superior sparkle and timelessness of a round brilliant cut, the luminous princess cut, an Art Deco-inspired emerald cut, and the oval cut, a shape that slims and elongates the finger while enhancing the stone’s visual size. 

Center stone aside, it’s all about the details with engagement rings. Whether you want overt and bold intricacies to add character to your ring, or you prefer hidden details below the crown, how you style your engagement ring is totally up to you. 


Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Looking for an engagement ring that’s both timeless and trending right now? We’ve curated an edit of some of our most popular engagement ring styles.

Because it often sits higher on the finger than a classic setting, a cathedral engagement ring accentuates the center stone. In addition, the elevated setting of a cathedral engagement ring allows a lower profile wedding band and anniversary band to stack neatly underneath. 

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But it’s not all party up top with a cathedral setting. The beauty of this engagement ring setting is that below the center stone, the cathedral foundation offers an array of options for added depth and details. Pavé, milgrain, and other nuanced metalwork allow you to customize your ring based on your personal preferences. You can opt for a minimalist effect with structured metalwork or add hidden blooms of diamonds for an extra layer of luminosity. For more ornate detailing, the arches and shanks of your cathedral engagement ring can also feature design details that speak to you.

Each and every gemstone used in the detailing of our cathedral settings is handpicked by our master artisans to create an abundance of diamond-forward effects. Which style you choose is up to you—the ability to customize your engagement ring is one of the major appeals of cathedral settings. 


Meet the Cathedral Setting engagement rings

Before exploring your options for cathedral setting engagement rings, you’ll want to consider the shape of your stone. All diamond cuts work beautifully with cathedral engagement rings, but some of the more elongated shapes such as oval, marquise, pear, or emerald can really pop in the higher profile setting. 

These are a few styles to consider:


Minimalist Engagement Rings With a Difference


For minimalist fans seeking a ring that still stands out from the crowd, the Founder’s Collection Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring could be a perfect match. Here, a single striking diamond centerpiece is paired with a hidden bloom of diamonds just below the crown. The high-polish band of this popular engagement ring style is enhanced with a diamond-studded crescent that marks the resting point of the ring. The crown of this exquisite ring is identifiable by its four-prong setting with an open gallery, bringing visibility and vibrancy to the center stone. Oval shape diamonds work well with this style, but you can choose any diamond cut for the center stone.

Minimalist engagement ring

Continuing the minimalism theme, the Founder’s Collection Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring is one of our most popular engagement rings. It maintains the clean and contemporary silhouette that characterizes this collection, but with additional pavé-set diamonds decorating the ceiling of the ring for a diamond intense aerial perspective, while the side profile accentuates the high-polish precious metal, making for an exquisite textural balance. The cathedral foundation leads up to a hidden bloom just beneath the crown. A diamond-studded crescent marks the resting point of the ring.

Delicate Yet Diamond Intense

For a thin band engagement ring that packs plenty of sparkle, consider the Simply TACORI Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring. Its narrow band is infused with meticulous pavé diamonds that lead up to a solitaire diamond in the center. The classic foundation creates a floating effect for the center stone while a hidden bloom of diamonds below it works together with diamond-studded crescent detailing on the inside shoulders to bring radiance to the ring. A TACORI signature crescent marks the resting point of the ring. With this style, an emerald cut diamond center stone is a popular engagement ring choice, but you can also choose an oval, princess, or round cut depending on your diamond shape preference.

most popular engagement ring styles

Thin band engagement rings have been gaining popularity over the past few years, driven by a demand for delicate and refined silhouettes. With this in mind, another popular engagement ring style is the Simply TACORI Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring. It features the unmistakable square shape of a princess diamond center stone—although you can also choose a stone with an oval, emerald, or round cut. With this ring, pavé diamonds dance across the ceiling and a hidden bloom of diamonds lies just below the center stone.

This engagement ring features a cathedral setting, meaning the center stone sits at a higher profile, allowing for more intricacies below the crown. The open gallery crown draws in more light to the center stone from every angle, creating an effect of elevated, peripheral brilliance. A diamond crescent on the inside shoulders is punctuated with milgrain detailing for even more intricacy, while the TACORI signature crescent marks the resting point of the ring.


Ornate Architectural

Cathedral setting engagement ring

Dantela Solitaire Round Bloom Engagement Ring

Style: 2620RDSM

A juxtaposition of timeless, modern, and a touch of the unconventional, the Dantela Round Bloom Engagement Ring is a popular engagement ring style that pairs a round brilliant solitaire with innate intricacies. A bloom of diamonds helps enhance the center stone, making it appear larger and adding extra sparkle. Just below the center stone, an abundance of delicate detailing plays out among the cathedral foundation. Lace-like milgrain creates windows of light, while diamond detailing on the shoulders lifts the ring’s luminosity and vibrancy. Once again, TACORI’s signature milgrain and diamond crescent marks the resting point of the ring.


Oval In Bloom


most popular engagement rings

A classic oval engagement ring silhouette is given new dimensions thanks to our Dantela collection. This Dantela Oval Bloom Engagement Ring is set on a branching Cathedral foundation, with intricate lace-like metalwork and milgrain texture creating a basket effect just under the crown. Making way to an exquisite oval center stone, it is bloomed with dancing spotlight diamonds, which riff against pavé studded shoulders. A diamond-intense effect up top with mesmerizing metalwork down below offers the best of both worlds.


Floating Diamond Effect

popular engagement rings

If you’re looking for a popular engagement ring style with a modern twist, consider the Petite Crescent Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring. The classic 360 foundation (four prongs meet at a single point that attaches to the band) creates the illusion of the center stone floating above the ring. This style works well with a princess cut diamond, or you can choose a round, oval, or emerald cut if you prefer. Pavé diamonds adorn the upper ceiling of the ring, while the remaining band showcases the shine of precious high-polish metal. Smaller crescents studded with round brilliant diamonds and milgrain punctuate the lower ceiling of the ring, creating an alluring side profile. The ring is completed with the TACORI signature diamond crescent marking the resting point of the ring.


Three Times the Shine

popular engagement ring

If multiple diamonds are more your style, explore the possibilities of another popular engagement ring style with a three stone setting. The Simply TACORI Round 3-Stone Engagement Ring creates a unique light play that hits a little differently to the classic solitaire, providing a modern take on the timeless silhouette. Whether you choose a round, cushion, oval, pear, or princess cut for your center stone, this diamond will be flanked by two smaller marquise diamonds, nested in diamond-infused crescents to elevate the side profile of the ring. Milgrain detailing adds texture to the high-polish band. Set on a cathedral foundation, tiny diamonds draped just below the center stone capture enhance the shine while an open gallery allows for light to hit the stones at every angle. The TACORI signature diamond and milgrain crescent marks the resting point of the ring.

engagement ring styles

Another stellar option for a three-stone engagement ring is the Simply TACORI Round 3-Stone Engagement Ring. A statement center stone is flanked by the strong lines of two smaller baguette side stones. This exquisite ring has inner intricacies, with a hidden bloom nestled just under the crown and refined arching metalwork supporting the setting. Diamond studded crescents bordered by milgrain detailing add just enough detail to give the side profile some subtle shine.

Learn the story behind the Simply TACORI collection, designed by Nadine Tacorian, here

popular engagement ring

Cadillac side stones make a popular three-stone engagement ring option, and this Simply TACORI engagement ring shines above the rest. A balanced blend of high-polish metal and diamond intensity, the center stone is framed by two Cadillac side stones, held in place with eight elegant prongs. Pavé and milgrain detailing add dimension to the ceiling of the ring for a top view that’s diamond-forward, while delicate frond-like beaded metalwork supports from under the crown, with added diamond detailing in the shoulders.

While trends come and go, the most popular engagement ring styles tend to embrace classic silhouettes that are infused with elevated design details. Discover even more timeless engagement ring styles with our Striking and Simple Engagement Rings guide.



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