Trend Alert: 3-Stone Engagement Rings

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The latest trend we’re seeing on the gram? Three stone engagement rings. After all, they do say three’s a charm. Little do people know that three stone rings are more than just flaunting three rocks on your finger or accentuating your center diamond, they tell a story. Three-stone rings are a symbol of your past, present and future with your significant other.

Taking note from the latest trend, we invited three of our Tacori Stylists to choose their favorite 3-stone ring and tell us what they love best about the design they chose. Check out their choices below and comment to let us know which style calls to you! 

Styled by Michelle: 

“I’m loving the clean line of the baguette side stones paired with a super sparkly Princess cut, This is such a modern way to create a “WOW” three-stone look.”


Not including center diamond 

Styled by Regan:

I rarely wear any jewelry, so I love the simplicity of the Simply Tacori line. This one is my personal favorite. Love the beauty and intricacy of the ring- truly all in the details!

Simply Tacori

Not including center diamond 

Styled by Francesca: 

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to highlight my actual 3-stone engagement ring. I fell in love with it at first sight because it really hit my 3 must-have points.
1) 3 stones are so elegant and timeless, especially with the emerald cut
2) It has the perfect sophisticated crown look with diamonds on the ceiling of the ring
3) It has a clean Simply Tacori foundation

$10,790.00 USD IN PLATINUM

Not including center diamond

What to see more styled looks from our stylists? Check out the pages Styled by Michelle, Regan, Francesca.


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