The Best Engagement Rings for Pisces

February 22, 2020 Team Tacori

Have you ever wondered about the best engagement ring style for your zodiac sign? Artistic Pisces, we’re star-gazing to find diamond TACORI engagement rings that are just right for your astrological style.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Artistic, romantic and oh-so sensitive, Pisces are deep and thoughtful, often in a world of their own. While Pisces love diamond rings with such a focus on the water side of your sign, sapphires help manifest infinitely mysterious oceanic vibes and are a worthy addition to any Piscean ring.

Our first pick for Pisces? Add a pop of color to your engagement ring with a Dantela engagement ring in platinum with sapphire.


Dantela Cushion 3 Stone

Dantela Cushion Cut 3-Stone Engaement Ring With Sapphire

Like all water signs, intuitive Pisces are sensitive and artistic. They value being able to uniquely express themselves, which is why we chose this expressive stack of rings, featuring a pretty oval-shaped engagement ring, paired with a complementary Dantela wedding band and a gender-neutral, diamond-lined band from the TACORI Couples Collection.


Dantela Oval Solitaire


Dantela Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring


French Pavé Diamond Wedding Band
Bevel Edge Diamond Wedding Band in Brushed Finish

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of enchanting illusion, Pisces are drawn to the mysterious glamour of celebrities, fashion, music and poetry. That’s why we like the mystique of bloomed engagement rings for Pisces.  The seamless string of diamonds that surround the center stone can makea one carat diamond could look like a 3 or 4 carat.


Simply TACORI Pear Bloom Engagement Ring



Pisces are creative, caring, compassionate, and imaginative. They’re also extremely romantic and known for their strong feelings and wearing their heart on their sleeve. All that to say, Pisces adore a grand gesture.

Dantela Round 3 Stone


Dantela Round 3-Stone Engagement Ring


As the final astrological sign in the zodiac, Pisces is wildly romantic, just like our new Lunetta Crescent 3 Stone engagement ring. This Crescent fabric was captures the ethereal, romantic glow of diffused moonlight. 


Lunetta Cushion 3 Stone Engagement Ring


Lunetta Crescent Cushion 3 Stone engagement Ring

The best engagement ring for Pisces mixes romance and creativity. A ring like The Founder’s Ring provides feminine energy and power, with a mix of options in rose gold, yellow gold or platinum.  The heartfelt artistic touch from our Founder includes the hidden halo under the center stone and the starburst signature on the resting point.  





Let the stars be your guide as you shop more engagement ring styles with TACORI - we’re here to help the stars align!

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