The Best Engagement Rings for Aquarius

January 31, 2020 Team Tacori

Have you ever wondered about the best engagement ring style for your zodiac sign? Original Aquarius, we’re star-gazing to find engagement rings that are perfect for your astrological style.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Open-minded, eccentric, creative, and independent—those born under Aquarius are all about carving out their own lane. Never basic, always that major bit extra, you love the quirky and unusual sides of life and your ring needs to follow suit: think East-West directionals or vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Our first pick for Aquarius? Embrace the simple but unusual beauty of the Simply Tacori east-west flipped pear-shaped ring.

Simply Tacori

Not including center diamond

Aquarius’s air sign energy brings invigoration and imagination to your engagement ring search, which is why we love this joyfully non-traditional marquise-shaped engagement ring option with vintage vibes.


$4,990.00 IN 18KT YELLOW GOLD

Not including center diamond

An Aquarius is often both rebellious and utopian, creating a future that defies all the rules.  For bold Aquarius, we picked a “go big or go home” RoyalT ring with a striking marquise center stone, and pear-shaped side stones for a ring that’s ready to take flight.

$12,190.00 USD IN PLATINUM

Not including center diamond

Aquarians know how to tap into their air sign energy with intellect and curiosity, as well as open-minded friendliness and sociability. This is a deeply charming presence that invites appreciation from many sides. Much like this deco-style Petite Crescent ring with a unique baguette bloom.

Petite Crescent

Not including center diamond

Aquarians are known  for their creativity and originality. The color blue is reputed to inspire intelligence and positive stability, which is why we selected a sapphire engagement ring for Aquarius, certain to help them stand out and shine.


Not including center diamond

The independent spirit of an Aquarius demands an engagement ring that’s different than one would expect. After all, your engagement ring needs to have as much personality as you do! 

This classic solitaire engagement ring style gets an Aquarius upgrade with an oval diamond and diamond-dotted details on the inner face.

Coastal Crescent
$2,990.00 USD IN 14KT WHITE GOLD

Not including center diamond

In rose gold with a cushion-bloom, this engagement ring offers just the right amount of one-of-a-kind appeal for an Aquarius.

Coastal Crescent
$2,790.00 USD IN 14KT ROSE GOLD

Not including center diamond

Non-traditional engagement rings are appreciated by Aquarians, which is why we love this three-stone oval cut diamond ring with Cadillac-cut side stones.  Handcrafted in California with modern technology and world-class artisans, this vintage style will appeal to Aquarius who love unique and obscure shapes and diamonds.


Not including center diamond

Let the stars be your guide as you shop more engagement ring styles with TACORI - we’re here to help the stars align!

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