The Best Engagement Rings For Taurus


Have you ever wondered about the best engagement ring style for your zodiac sign? Queenly Taurus, we’re all about finding the best engagement rings to suit your style. Let’s make sure your ring shines as bright as the stars!

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Queen of the earth signs, Taurus is direct, in control, and likes to take charge of things. As natural leaders, you’re confident yet cautious,  so the best engagement ring for Taurus needs to really justify that investment. Modern heirlooms are your vibe in emerald cut diamond or princess, look for platinum or go for a yellow gold engagement ring for an unexpected twist.

Our pick for Taurus? You’ll adore the Founder’s Ring, a RoyalT style, in yellow gold with an emerald-shaped diamond for generations.


Well-grounded Tauruses value their independence and are very loyal. One of the best gemstones to represent depth of loyalty is a sapphire, like this stunning “special order” from Tacori.
Petite Crescent
And while Taurus appreciates high-quality designs, practical-minded Taurus gravitates towards a ring that is both a good investment, and timeless in style.  This classic Dantela setting in platinum would be a great choice.
Tauruses have an eye for simplicity, design, and value. This Founder’s Ring is the epitome of elegance, featuring a six-prong style with just the right touch for tasteful Taurus.
Queenly Taurus loves a classic look, but they also know how to shine.  Pairing a timeless diamond solitaire with two new Crescent Crown bands on either side creates a royal stack to love.
Crescent Crown Ring

The Zodiac sign of Taurus knows what they like, and are patient enough to wait for it. Trust a Taurus to build a standout stack like this one.

Style HT2663EC85X65

Sculpted Crescent

Style 2667B34BS

Sculpted Crescent
Style 41-15

The best engagement ring for Taurus needs a hint of grounding. A new open-arm solitaire featuring a pear-shaped center stone has just the touch of sentiment and quality that a Taurus is sure to love.



While a Taurus loves practicality, we couldn’t resist sharing this beauty with a Princess-cut center stone and Cadillac-cut side stones.  It’s a new three-stone triple bloom from our RoyalT collection. And while it may not be the ring she ultimately chooses to wear, it’s an opportunity to turn her head with what’s possible! 




And as the counterpoint to a bolder style, here’s a standout ring that’s comfortable, but not oversize.  This classic Dantela engagement ring has a cathedral setting for a practical low-profile look with a sleek platinum shine.




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