The Best Engagement Rings for a Capricorn

January 20, 2020 Team Tacori

Determined, deep-thinkers and conscientious, Capricorns take a pragmatic and grounded view of the world. In love, they’re faithful forever once they’re fully committed.

Whether you’re a Capricorn or hunting for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your Capricorn, we have engagement ring guides for every zodiac sign. Classic Capricorn, we’re star-gazing to find diamond engagement rings that are perfect for your astrological style.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) Engagement Rings

While they’re dependable, grounded, and ambitious, Capricorns love to look good, so they’re often very polished, fragrant, and sophisticated. They adore fine craftsmanship and tradition so will be thrilled at a classic diamond engagement ring. And, you can be sure Capricorns will look after their ring impeccably.  


Not including center diamond

We’ve selected one of our most classic engagement ring style from our Dantela collection. This ring will forever be in style with its simple lines and perfectly engineered diamond bloom. It’s just the right amount of detail on a classic solitaire engagement ring. Romantic touches like the hidden halo and lace-like engraving on the diamond gallery set this ring apart for Capricorns.

Simply Tacori

Not including center diamond

As natural born leaders, you can show Capricorns unconventional engagement rings designs.  Because while an elegant emerald-cut diamond center-stone flanked by tapered baguette side stones may not be what their friends are wearing, forward-thinking Capricorns may just fall in love with this stunning engagement ring style.


Not including center diamond

Capricorns hope for a ring that really captures the essence of their style—timeless, chic, and classic, but infused with a hidden love message. That’s exactly the engagement ring style that’s imbued into our new Founder’s Ring. This sophisticated four-prong solitaire has a hidden halo under the center stone and a  diamond-starburst crescent signature at the foundation. With a rounded “comfort feel” fit, the entire Founder’s collection would be amazing for Capricorns.

Reverse Crescent

Not including center diamond

For Capricorns who crave romance and fantasy, an emerald-cut Reverse Crescent diamond ring offers just the right amount of contemporary romantic flair.

Coastal Crescent
$2,190.00 USD IN 14KT WHITE GOLD

Not including center diamond

Though not the most sentimental of astrological signs, the Capricorn has a great appreciation for family and tradition. The ring for Capricorn that we’ve chosen here is an oval cut diamond engagement ring on a classic 360 foundation with a touch of diamond-stitched detail from the Coastal Crescent Collection. The handcrafted in California high-quality standards of the Tacori Family make this perfect for Capricorns who see their engagement ring as part of their legacy of love.

Like a Taurus, Capricorns value quality over quantity. They’d rather have a one diamond that stands out, over a cluster that aren't nearly as beautiful. Our Truly T solitaire engagement rings emphasize the beauty of the center stone on a skinny band, and yet, you can still see the diamond-inscribed "T" detail.  It's your secret symbol of true love.

Simply Tacori

Not including center diamond

The classic round-brilliant solitaire engagement ring in platinum will never go out of style.  Capricorns want their love to last, and will love how timeless this ring feels on their finger.

Let the stars be your guide as you shop more engagement ring styles with TACORI - we’re here to help the stars align!

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