Styled by Michelle


Michelle || Marketing Dept.

Her Style: Michelle believes in the power of jewelry to punctuate a look or make a statement. She chooses timeless and personal pieces that are part of her life, designed to be worn every day. Jewelry becomes an intimate part of life that tells a story. Everyone has their story, and no two stories are ever the same. 

In a recent styling challenge to pick her favorite 2-prong stack, she says “For my ring goals, I need at least two of these, maybe three.  With two, I can stack these as “ring guards” around my engagement ring or a chunky band.  With three, I can wear the stack on its own! One in each color – rose, yellow and white gold of course!”

Sculpted Crescent
$2,990.00 USD


In another styling challenge, Michelle styled her favorite Spring jewelry—here's what she loved and why:


Multi-Gem Drop Necklace featuring Amethyst
$650.00 USD 
Crescent Bezel Ring featuring Amethyst
$320.00 USD 
Petite Crescent Drop Earrings featuring Amethyst
$290.00 USD
Gemstone Pendant featuring Sky Blue Topaz
$450.00 USD
Crescent Bezel Earrings featuring Sky Blue Topaz
$490.00 USD

“Spring finds me getting ready for garden parties, brunches, and wearing lighter, more flowing clothes.  Amethyst and Sky Blue Topaz effortlessly elevate any outfit, and can be mixed-and-matched within their pastel colorways,” says Michelle Chila, SVP of Marketing and PR.

“I love the simple sky blue topaz pendant for a touch of everyday shine; the amethyst hanging gemstone necklace is amazing with almost any dress neckline, and can also be layered.”

“The simple stud earrings are classic and look great with everything; and the French-wire drop earrings offer a slightly dressier look.  And of course, I love this ring that goes with anything!”

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